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I Am a …. Doll?


My name (Jane) has always been associated with the word ORDINARY. Why do you think have they coined the phrase “plain Jane” to refer to somebody who is plain-looking?

Or take the description of “Jane Doe” referring to someone not yet identified or known.

How much more nondescript and ordinary can a name be?

But…tonight, I am glad about my name. Because while browsing the net, I came across a yoga “bender doll” (you’ve probably held these dolls, the ones with rubbery limbs you can bend whichever way) .

Meet — YOGA JANE!!!! From the description on several websites selling this, she comes with her own pink yoga mat and a tiny metal case.

Now I want one! At the very least, even if I still cannot do some difficult poses, I can bend Yoga Jane, put her on my night table, and pretend…

Yoga Jane

P.S. They’ve got a Yoga Joe with a blue mat (for the guys!) too!

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