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An Amazing Partner Yoga Routine and More!


Ever since covering the Mind-Body Conference where I saw a partner yoga workshop moderated by Shirley Quesada, I have been intrigued by it.

When Pio introduced us to partner yoga in class once, it was an amazing experience because we all realized that by pairing up, we could actually help each other with areas where our bodies encountered resistance. The push-pull sequences being done on us by our partners actually helped us go deeper into our poses.

But when done with a partner of the opposite gender, as in the case of this video I came across, the routine takes on a very sensual atmosphere.

Now I don’t know if that is what partner yoga is all about. Our teacher Pio will probably disagree. But nevertheless, this couple’s routine just amazed me! Just watch and see for yourselves.

But here are more serious partner yoga routines with Tara Stiles and Tracy Lee. Enjoy!

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  1. I think my mouth was open the entire time I was watching the first video. Amazing! Have not seen partner yoga like that. Thanks for sharing video.

    Jane: Yes, wasn’t it awesome? I am glad you enjoyed it. I viewed it several times more myself. 🙂

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