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In a previous post, I blogged about how I became virtual friends with an active yoga blogger/teacher/podcaster, Elsie Escobar.

During my visits to Elsie’s blog, I clicked on a link to her friend and co-podcaster, Hillary Rubin. Eventually, as is the case with these wonderful blog features called backlinks and pingbacks, Hillary also traced back to my blog site and, to my delight, left comments as well.

Just a while back, Hillary once again left a comment, with a link to Elsie’s and her new blog site called Mudra Moments. I just came from that site and think it is the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between yogini friends (one living in L.A.; the other one in Philadelphia- another thing in common with Hillary as I lived in Philly for 2 years).

So friends, do check out Mudra Moments as well as the individual podcast sites of Elsie and Hillary. I am sure you will get wonderful pointers on yoga from them to enhance your own practice.

As for me, one dream is to be able to meet Elsie and Hillary in person one day and maybe even take a class under them. Till then, I plan to continue communicating with these 2 wonderful yoginis and learn as much from them as they continue to share their passion for yoga with the world through podcasting.


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  1. thanks for this site. an avenue for learning. the community of yogis is much appreciated.

  2. Dear Ms.Jane,


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  4. JANE –

    YOU ROCK!!! thanks for this post and love to see you someday in class.. perhaps in April in mexico at my retreat or later in the year if Elsie and I do a Mudra Moments reteat.


    KEEP IT UP the offerings are sweet, honest and filled with grace.


    Jane: How wonderful to hear from you again, Hillary. How I wish Mexico was that near to the Philippines –it’s not! :-). But I still hold on to the dream of one day travelling back there to the US and meeting you and Elsie. Namaste.

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