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Our Family Yogi


Kids are supposed to be flexible.

But when I arrived in Dumaguete, I did not imagine just HOW FLEXIBLE they can get!

We were talking about yoga in the family room and I was showing my nieces some forward bends they could do on their own when suddenly Arry did his KILLER MOVE which made my jaw drop. He would be a great yogi-to-be!

Introducing….our family yogi….Arry!

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  1. I think it’s such a shame how inflexible children get as they grow older. If only we were able to maintain their flexibility through yoga, there may so many less adults who have pains and posture problems!

    Jane: I so absolutely agree with you, Sarah! Even now, I am trying to get my own kids and my nieces/nephews to stop slouching. If only they realize that yoga can likewise reduce the chances of sports injuries! Thank you for stopping by!

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