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At the Yoga Weekend of Fitness, Rockwell


Last week, I called Chona up and told her about this event. Rockwell was hosting a Weekend of Fitness at its garden area, right outside Starbucks. Major yoga studies would be there offering free classes, with Aura Athletica as a sponsor. We chatted about it, trying to decide whether we’d attend the free classes or not. We eventually decided that we’d make our Saturday productive. We would go there to “cover” the event as bloggers, meet the instructors, check out Aura Athletica and conserve our energy for a good yoga class at 7pm with Pio.

The yoga tent

Chona and I got there around 2:30. We met Mark Mead of Bikram Yoga who was able to give me some inputs on video. Nice to have met you, Mark!

Next, we met Tesa Celdran of Pulse Yoga and other yoginis including Jane (wow, same name!) and a warm, Swedish yogini — Madeline. Such a small world indeed because Tesa had already previously gone to my blog and I to hers. We were meeting for the first time and it always brings me this warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I finally come face to face with a blogger I only know virtually. To top it all, Chona and she were long-ago friends at AIM! Tesa, we promise to go try your class some day!

At the Yoga Manila table were B, Cherry, Connie and Kitty. Cherry floored me when she exclaimed, “Oh, you’re Here’s to Life!” (my other blog’s name, for those who didn’t know). Found out that Liana had passed on my email around to the other Yoga Manila instructors so again, here were people who I knew and who knew me virtually and here they were, in the flesh! Here’s a shout out to all of you at Yoga Manila!!!!

At some point, Chona and I were feeling the heat and decided to go into the mall to cool off and at the same time, check out Aura Athletica. We looked at their line of Lululemon outfits as well as other brands they carried like Tension. I saw some styles I liked but some did not come with the built in bra, something I always look for as I prefer not having to wear one under my shirt and definitely, would not wear a top without one!

As we were about to leave, I glanced at the shop’s display window and saw this GORGEOUS PINK yoga bag. It got me all excited and apparently, Chona had also been long on the lookout for a yoga bag. We went through the store’s inventory of styles and colors, trying to decide which bag to get. Thanks Aura staffers for being so, so patient with these 2 yoginis!

Chona ended up with a green, vertical bag with shoulder straps and lots and lots of space and pockets with a special place for a mat.


I ended up with this one! So girl, so pink. Haha! 


Chona’s and my day were capped by merienda at Dulcinea — churros with hot chocolate. Enough to stave off our hunger, light enough to dissolve before our yoga classes with Pio.

Here are some highlights of that wonderful afternoon. Thanks, Chona, for a fun-filled afternoon! Let’s do that again!


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  1. Thank you so much Ms. Jane for dropping by the event and for shopping at Aura! We’re glad you’re happy about the bag you purchased!

    – from the Aura Athletica Team

    Jane: Hi Mira! Thanks for dropping by this blog and do visit regularly. Chona and I love our bags. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Jane!

    Thanks for the shout out, shucks.

    I too have the yoga bag from Aura, t’was a gift from my teacher friends. Couldn’t figure out where the mat went, but from Chona’s picture, I did. Problem is, I use a Manduka, kaya kaya?

    I’ll be reading your post on Jon!

    Jane: Oh Tesa! No way will these bags hold a Manduka! Too heavy! What color of bag do you have? That’s cool! We 3 have the same type of bag!

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