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It finally happened. An event unlike any other that bloggers have ever done.

Bloggers came together at the Vinyasa Yoga Center (where I practice) and did yoga for an hour and a half, followed by a vegetarian dinner cooked by my own yoga teacher, Pio Baquiran, who is not only a great yogi teacher but a fantastic chef as well.


Chona and I were there early. Actually, Chona did yoga at noontime while I had to bring over to the center all the donated items from the sponsors. We ate a leisurely lunch at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, then went back to the center where we packed the media kits and the other donations together with 3 lovely ladies from the ad agency, Aspac/Law (Ria, Kathy and Mia).

(Mia, Kathy and Ria of Aspac/Law)

Some bloggers came in early so we had a chance to chat and get to know those whose names were familiar to me but who I had never met yet, like Francis, Melanie, Janine, and Carl. I was particularly interested in chatting with Francis, who, it turns out, already practises yoga at Fitness First (my thought bubble: this is the perfect endorser for yoga for men!!!). Melanie, too, it turns out, has been doing yoga for some time now and in fact, took yoga lessons that same morning with Chona’s and my good yogi friend fresh from Riyadh, Jon Cagas! What a small world indeed!

Later, a whole bunch of bloggers came in: Poyt, Fritz, Arpee, Noreen and my mommy bloggers Chats, Cookie and Dine.

Juned of Blog and Soul came by a little later from another “shoot” and became the event’s volunteer photographer.

Yogini mates Minna (also the VYC directress), her sister Therese and Trin Custodio dropped by to support the event and practice together with Chona and I. All in all, the shala was filled and energies were strong!


Pio informed us that he had designed a special sequence just for bloggers. Now that caught everyone’s interest. He began with a short meditation, taught the bloggers the proper way to breathe, then followed it up with eye exercises, rotation of the hands, fingers and shoulders, and shorter variations of the sun salutations.

Pio also made us go through simple forward bends, side bends and wide angle bends to stretch the spine (good for sedentary bloggers, right?). We also did leg raises for the abs as well as the Bridge and Fish poses.

Class ended with everyone sweaty but feeling good. We had a class picture and naturally with everyone being bloggers, we had a whole slew of cameras and smiling to get through before we could call it a night!


Pio’s dinner consisted of pasta, burgers (using vegetarian patties) and his eggless leche flan. Arpee had the time of his life trying to guess the ingredients of this one!

vegetarian pasta

burger with vegepatties

***realization*** – I just realized I forgot to take a pic of the eggless leche flan! Chona, help!

Each blogger came away from the event fully worked out, fed with healthy vegetarian food, armed with a bag of items from sponsors like Coke, RFM, Nestle and VYC. And also special thanks to a yogini mate, Lomen, for the iced tea donations (yes, we chilled them and drank them during dinner!!!).


Blog and Soul has also announced a contest where bloggers who did yoga could compose a blog, photo gallery, vlog or any other form of post about the event. Prizes up for grabs consist of a 1 liter aluminum bottle from Swiss company, SIGG. In addition, there are 3 yoga outfits (jacket and pants) for girls from Aura Athletica Rockwell. Judging will be done by Blog and Soul together with VYC and the winners will be announced soon. For mechanics of the contest, go to Blog and Soul’s website.


I did a random, ambush interview of some bloggers (including Francis who did a fantastic spiel on yoga for men — yey!).

And as I find blog entries on the event, I will post these below.

1. Juned: Yoga-Blog&Soul (photos)

2. Chona: Bloggers @VYC: An Evening of Fitness, Food and Fun!

3. Janine: 10 Things I Know About Yoga

4. Poyt: Yoga at VYC (photos)

5. Melanie: Yoga for Bloggers at Vinyasa Yoga Center

6: Dine: Yoga for Fitness, Good Health and Relaxation

7. Arpee: Yoga goes the foodie

8. Cookie: Bloggers + Yoga = Blogginis?

9. Chats: My First Yoga Class

10. Poyt: Going Back to Yoga

11. Fritz: The Vinyasa Yoga Center Experience

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  2. wow that looked like fun! 🙂 and ironically i read this right after i watched tara stiles on YT. 😛

    Jane: Hi Bambi! I remember you from our Cake Club event. Tara Stiles is just amazingly beautiful doing yoga. Hope you can join me in a class someday.

  3. Hi! I’m at the airport now as I write this, en route to India! So happy that your event was a success!

    All the best and all my love!

    Jane: Hi Tesa. Been thinking about you. I hope you have a fulfilling time in India. Will miss your presence here but please let us know when you are coming back and let’s plan something together again. Love to you!

  4. Hi Jane! That was a great event!! I must say, Pio is a fantastic teacher..and a great chef. Thanks for organizing it 😀

    Jane: You’re welcome, Cookie. I was just so happy to see you there. Let me know when you want to go back. Will try to join you.

  5. Hi there Chats and Melainie! Am glad you enjoyed the event. See you at VYC soon, ha! ;-D

    Jane, your pictures are a lot better than mine! I’ll share with you my photo of the egg-less leche flan (if it would pass your standards, he he). I’m only able to post my blog only now at an internet shop–probably my next blog would be on the ordeal of an ‘old mac’ user (not an old, ‘mac user’ he he).

    Jane: Chon, anything is better than nothing. I saw your post already and linked it up already to mine. Galing!

  6. Hi Jane! Thanks to you, Blog & Soul, and all the people at VYC for organizing this event. It was great – way beyond my expectations. I think I will enjoy yoga even more than my current physical activities. 😉

    Jane: Chats, I would LOVE to do yoga with you again as well as the other mommies. Text or email me when you want to do it again. Use your GC!!!!!

  7. Hi Jane, now that we’ve finally met I have the guts to drop you a note 🙂 Firstly, I want to congratulate you, Chona, Jayvee and Juned for organizing such an effective–and needless to say–hugely SUCCESSFUL event! You guys tailored the programme to really suit the lifestyle needs of bloggers who may want to get into yoga. The people, the venue, the exercise routine, the food and mood were simply PERFECT! Great pics too–really captured the “flow” of things 🙂

    Jane: Melanie, I am so delighted to have met you, finally. No more lurking in the shadows, ha? Come out and put comments on my blog as you feel. After all, that’s what blogs are for, haha. Thanks for coming to the event. Am glad you liked it as well as the routine, food, etc. Hope we can do another one sometime in the future. Will think up a new concept again….

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