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A Great Yoga eBook

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I found this world-famous Maran Illustrated Yoga ebook that can be read at Scribd’s site.


Here are the links to some chapters. Other chapters are not available at the site.

I have browsed the ebook’s chapters and found it very helpful and informative regardless of the yoga level you are in (beginner or avid yogi/yogini). Hope you find it as interesting as I did!

Chapter 1: Yoga Basics (not available)

Chapter 2: Yoga and Breathing

Chapter 3: Warm-Up Poses (not available)

Chapter 4: Seated Poses

Chapter 5: Seated Forward Bends

Chapter 6: Chair Poses

Chapter 7: Standing Poses

Chapter 8: Standing Balancing Poses (not available)

Chapter 9: Standing Forward Bends (not available)

Chapter 10: Table Poses

Chapter 11: Back Bends

Chapter 12: Inversions

Chapter 13: Reclined Poses

Chapter 14: Relaxation & Restorative Poses

Chapter 15: Practices (not available)

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