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The Elle Workout Yoga Vook


You read it right. It’s VOOK, not book. That’s because it’s an e-book that comes with videos. And it’s now available on your iOS device.

I found this app quite by accident while browsing the iTunes store and to my delight, found out that it was on sale for a few hours – FREE!!!

So never mind that it was 403MB heavy, I downloaded it right away on my iPad.

The vook features model Brooklyn Decker who practices yoga alongside one of my favorite yoginis, Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles. They feature yoga exercises that can be done at home or on the go. Each yoga routine is roughly about 20 minutes in length, just short enough for people who don’t have much time but long enough for a decent yoga workout.

Every chapter looks just like a book page. The text enumerates all the poses included in this routine. Before watching the video, I suggest you read through the poses and, in your mind, imagine yourself going through them already. It makes following the video easier.

This is how a chapter looks before playing video

...and how it looks with the video playing.

Looking at the app, I’d say it’s good for a first-time practitioner, a newbie yogi/yogini or an advanced one because it shows both the regular and modified (easier) asanas, giving you a choice as to which one to follow. This is one app that is great to bring along when you travel to ensure you still get your yoga workout on the fly.

To get the best experience, I suggest that you first read through the text of a chapter to familiarize yourself with the sequence. Then play the video, just watching Brooklyn and Tara and deciding whether you need to modify some poses (as done by Brooklyn) or go with the regular asanas as done by Tara. Position your iOS device near enough for you to follow the video but not too close that you may accidentally swipe it while you are practicing.

I was lucky to have downloaded the app when they dropped the price to FREE but I just checked last night and it is going for only $2.99. Still a good deal, I think. Just a reminder. Prices of apps do change from time to time and the price I am quoting here could go up or down. If you don’t need this app right away, wait for a big holiday when many apps are discounted and who knows? You may get to download this one free again.

Click HERE to check its description on iTunes.

Released: 04 April 2011
Version: 1.0 (tested for iOS 4.0)
Size: 403 MB
Language: English
Developer: Vook
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

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  1. You have a useful and helpful info posted here. I’ll bookmark this site and visit again later.

  2. Eversince I read this post, I have been checking iTunes for this app and for it to go on sale – it still hasn’t!


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    Twenty York Street

  3. This is a fantastic Yoga app, I saw the preview and with your post, I’m pretty convinced to buy it eventhough it’s like $6.99 right now!

    Bonjour, come say hello!
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    Twenty York Street

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