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Reflexology – a great detox therapy


Recently, several bloggers including myself, were treated to the Rwo Shur healing method of reflexology at The Reflex Zone.

Rwo Shur stands for the Chinese name of Fr. Josef, a Swiss Catholic priest who discovered the power of healing by pressing, kneading, pinching and working on the soles of the feet which represent different organs, glands and body systems.

All their male licensed therapists carry certificates from the Rwo Shur Center and they were trained in Malaysia.


Foot chart shows the parts of body represented on the foot



Foot chart legend

The therapist who worked on my feet told me that reflexology has a detoxifying effect. Which is why they strongly recommend to their clients to drink a lot of water after the treatment to flush out the toxins that were loosened by the reflexology.

Read more details about The Reflex Zone and my reflexology experience HERE.

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