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When people ask me why I love yoga so much, I tell them it’s because yoga (aside from its proven numerous health benefits inside and out) is VERY LOW MAINTENANCE!

If you’re into a sport, most likely you’ve got gear and equipment – shoes, gym machines, rackets, sport equipment, and the right kind of sport attire. Yoga? Nah! You can practice in ordinary stretch pants (or shorts) with a body hugging top. And a roll-out yoga mat. That’s it! I don’t even need shoes!

On my travels, the yoga mat fits snugly into a corner of my luggage or I have the option of stuffing it into a backpack. I can practice on any floor surface, in any room that has enough space sideways, frontways and backways just so my arms don’t knock down anything in the way. I have practiced on the family lawn and on a sandy beach. Right now, there is only a few feet of space between the end of my bed and the TV in the room. I practice in that small space.

Of course, it’s important to invest in a fairly good yoga mat because it will see you through many asanas and for the women, we love investing in yoga wear as well (but that’s really optional and more applicable when practicing in a class). But at home, you will find me in a stretch top with spaghetti straps and yoga pants or shorts, depending on the weather.

Where can you do yoga? These two videos by Tara Stiles and Heidi Kristoffer will show you…

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