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Meet Mr. Yoga Mat at Kimpton Hotels


Will you be traveling any time around the U.S. this summer? Then, you may want to stay in a Kimpton Hotel.

Just yesterday, April 23, 2013, Kimpton Hotels launched “A yoga mat in every room”. It’s the hotel’s way of encouraging its guests to stay healthy and exercise while on vacation and business trips by putting a yoga mat in every guest room. According to this article from the Wall Street Journal, “Newly custom-designed Gaiam yoga mats with a playful butterfly motif will now be stocked in every guest-room closet and available for use at no charge whenever the itch for a stretch, pose or plank may strike.” They are not just run-of-the-mill mats! Custom-made Gaiam yoga mats at that!

Meet Mr. Yoga Mat!

I’ve always said that yoga was one of the most portable fitness and health activities around because all one had to pack into a backpack or suitcase was a rolled up yoga mat. On previous travels to our province, it was so easy for me to continue my home practice. No gym equipment. No rackets. No expensive rubber shoes. Just a yoga mat. And loose or stretchy clothing.

Now, there’s all the more reason to make yoga your home and travel workout routine! Kimpton Hotels started it already by eliminating the need to carry even your yoga mat around. Here are a few pics I took from their website.

The Wall Street Journal article also adds that the hotel offers complimentary “Roll-out Service” as well. “Kimpton will come to the guest’s room, meticulously roll out the mat and furnish extra towels, flavored water, an assortment of fresh fruit or an energizing mix of dried fruit and nuts, and set the TV to Kimpton’s complimentary on-demand yoga or Pilates channel for inspiration.”

To add more fun to their launch, here’s a video of sexy Mr. Yoga Mat at the hotel:


Kimpton Hotels

Twitter: @Kimpton
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-KIMPTON



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  1. how times are changing. years ago the idea of using yoga (mats) to market a hotel chain would have been unthinkable.

  2. LOL that commercial was equal parts terrifying and hilarious. But as if I didn’t have enough reason to love Kimpton hotels…love this, great marketing.

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