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Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with a Free Yoga Journal Issue



It’s already past Earth Day 2013, but I thought of blogging about it in case you have not heard that Yoga Journal is making this issue FREE to all.

To download, click HERE

Be sure also to check the Archives tab (upper left corner of the viewer) for other issues that are available to read online.

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  1. This article is very interesting, I like it. I will always come to visit after.I would recommend to friends more.

  2. Kamusta ka?

    Hi, my name is Daniel. Thank you for your blog. its refreshing to see a blogger from the west promote the true essence of yoga and not just the external. ie. asanas, pranayama, mudras

    Keep up the good work and i’ll be reading!

    Btw.. My wife is from New Manila born in Zamboanga 🙂

    Ingat ka!

    • Awesome that your wife is my kababayan! Pls tell her kamusta rin.

      I’m not from the west. I’m based in Manila, actually. Thank you for reading my blog. Ingat din.

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