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A Yogini gets the Best “Prank It Fwd” for April Fools Day


I love happy stories and this one deserves a short blog post.

Yesterday being April Fools Day saw a lot of pranks online. Many were harmless and just elicited laughter. There were a few though that were so good that you had to read the articles carefully to spot the prank items. And I also became addicted to Google’s awesome search for the Pokemon Master by having all of us searching through Google Maps for countries where 150 Pokemon were scattered and trying to catch as many of them as you could within 24 hours. And while I haven’t heard of any, some people also like to play not-so-nice pranks sometimes during this day.

But somewhere in the United States, a yogini was getting the best “Prank It Fwd”.

Chelsea Roff was a waiter who had been putting a younger sister through school for years. She overcame an eating disorder and she used that experience to start teaching yoga to help other women with eating disorders. Her car was also one for the dumps with bumps all over it.

Screenshot of Chelsea from Break’s YouTube channel

But look what happens when some wonderful people decide to make her the recipient of their positive prank. I love it when a yogini who has given so much of herself to others gets the best that life has to offer.


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