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Pain relief with Kimochi Aroma Pillows


I’ve been bothered by pain in my right shoulder for some time now. Being a blogger and social media person sure has its disadvantages. Typing on a keyboard for hours is not always ergonomic. I’ve tried yin yoga poses and they help. I do counterposes to stretch out the inner arms and move wrists in the opposite direction. I try to remember to angle my laptop with screen lower than my waist to lessen wrist pressure. But the pain comes and goes. Then a great item came for me recently – a whole set of Kimochi Aroma Pillows! Even with the courier package still well-sealed, I could already smell the strong lavender scent coming out of the pillows. Wow, they sure placed a lot of aromatherapy into these things! Kimochi aroma pillows sealed

Kimochi Aroma Pillows is a newly found enterprise run by couple Ryan and Michelle Barros. Ryan was a previously active athlete who dislocated his shoulder; Michelle is a physician by profession. As they say, new ideas are often borne out of necessity and it seems this was the case with Ryan. Ryan was doing therapy and hot compress as well until the couple thought of developing natural therapy pillows that are meant to alleviate pain, both acute and chronic in nature. The Kimochi Aroma Pillows are microwavable and come in different sizes for different uses. They are grainy to the touch because the insides contain seeds and grains and infused with essential oils, primarily lavender. While I prefer to use such therapeutic pillows as a hot compress, the Kimochi Aroma Pillows can work as either a hot or cold compress.

XL Wraparound with cover

XL Wraparound, in green, comes with its own cover, 15cm x 39cm (PhP 400)


How the XL Wraparound looks folded

How the XL Wraparound looks folded

The XL Wraparound comes with its own body cover and is sewn in such a way that you can fold it into 3 pieces so it can fit in the microwave. This is the one I use most frequently as it can drape across my shoulders. Sometimes I put it behind my neck or sometimes I drape it over my right shoulder so that it brings heat not just to the right shoulder but all the way down to my upper back’s right side. Some uses of the XL Wraparound: frozen shoulders, stiff neck, swollen legs, joint and knee pain, muscular sprains, menstrual and stomach pain, lower back pain

Square, 16cm x 19cm, PhP 200

Square, 16cm x 19cm, PhP 200

The Square size is just right for my lower or upper back or for my tummy. It’s actually recommended for menstrual pain, lower back pain, as a hand warmer, and for wrist pain.

Small, 7cm x 19cm, PhP 100

Small, 7cm x 19cm, PhP 100

The Small size is made for the wrists, for the forehead or across the eyes. It can be used for puffy or sore eyes, as a relief for headaches and sinuses, to alleviate wrist pain for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and, in general, a resting place for the wrists when on the computer.

XS size, 8cm x 11cm, PhP 50

XS size, 8cm x 11cm, PhP 50

I love this one too. Most often, it’s the flesh right below my thumbs that also hurt from too much typing and this XS size fits the bill.  It can also be used for the same conditions listed under Small but handier to carry around, place in a bag, bring to office and easily heat up in the office microwave oven.   I’m looking forward to an unscented variant of the Kimochi Aroma Pillows. This will be great for those who may be quite sensitive to fragrance. As my friend Ria also said, she wanted an unscented one for her eyes.

How to Use as Hot/Cold Compress

As a hot compress, the XL Wraparound and Square pillows can be placed in the microwave and heated up for 1-2 minutes while for the Small and XS, it just takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to heat. As a cold compress, the pillows can be placed in their respective ziplock bags and placed in the fridge for 3 hours to cool.


Instructions for use Where to Inquire About/Get Kimochi Aroma Pillows Here are the different ways to buy your very own Kimochi Aroma Pillows:

1. Every Saturday at Greenfields Weekend Market, Greenfields District, Mandaluyong

2. Saturday & Sunday at Urban Fair, Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

3. Online using this Google doc: kx881Qk/viewform

4. On Facebook:

5. On Instagram: www.instagram/KimochiAromaPillows

6. Mobile: (02) 0917 907 3441

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