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It doesn’t matter what fitness regimen or sports one is into. Yoga can complement and help build on, protect, enhance, minimize injury and do so much more.

Recently, I actually got a pleasant surprise when Amy Hall, Managing Director and Assistant Coach of The Race Club  emailed me. I checked out their website and found out that they began as far back as 2000 when 13 swimmers came together to train for the Sydney Olympic Games. Today, “the Race Club is focused on developing the most advanced swim camps in the world in one of the most beautiful places in the world; the Florida Keys“, it says in their History page. The Race Club’s mission is to train Olympic swimmers.

Amy Hall of The Race Club

Amy Hall


To my pleasant surprise, Amy sent me a link showing them doing yoga. The Race Club website further explains why they use yoga in their training program:

“The Race Club has been practicing yoga for swimmers during dryland training for years. Yoga can significantly increase core strength and flexibility while lengthening muscles, creating a more streamlined physique in swimming.”

Here is The Race Club’s yoga sequence for the shoulders and another sequence for the legs.


Screengrab taken from The Race Club video, Yoga for Shoulders

Screengrab taken from The Race Club video, Yoga for Shoulders

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  1. Swimming and yoga can go hand in hand. Doing yoga loosens up the joints and muscles while making one aware of breathing at the same time. You cannot be an effective competitive swimmer if you do not know how to breathe properly. It’s good that they shared this picture with you, looks like a fun training school for swimming!

  2. Wow I checked out their training program I have to try that sometime!!!

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