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Join Deepak Chopra’s 2015 Global Meditation, July 11 (July 12 PHT)


If there is one thing sorely lacking in our world these days, it is COMPASSION. We have become too busy, too materialistic, too focused on ourselves — many times we fail to see how others are suffering or feeling lonely.

Deepak Chopra is planning a global online event on July 11, 2015 — a synchronized meditation event that will be live-streamed from Carlsbad, CA, to 500,000 people in more than 100 countries around the world.

Global Meditation for Compassion

Here is what Deepak says of this event:

Our intention for this second annual Global Meditation event is to shift the collective consciousness of our world towards compassion—a shift that is the most radical and necessary movement of our time.

In today’s society, where one in every four people feels that they have no one to talk to if they are in pain or suffering, and a large number feel disconnected from those around them, we need more people like you who will see suffering and rise up to meet it with kindness and love.

By joining together for the Global Meditation, we will harness the collective power of intention to be the presence of compassion and create a more loving, peaceful world.

Along with my friends, bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein and acclaimed CNN en Español anchor, Ismael Cala, I will have the honor of leading a one-hour conversation about compassion that will include a 15-minute, guided meditation and a musical performance by singer and songwriter Trevor Hall.

There is no charge for you to participate via live stream, and you will have the opportunity to ask Gabrielle and me questions using social media and the event hashtag #IAMCOMPASSION.

Global meditation team

Since we are 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time (PDT), their 9AM is about midnight here so for us here in the Philippines, it will be July 12 already.

Collective thoughts are powerful because thoughts are energy and combined energies focused on the same intention, compassion, can make a difference in transforming the world.

Watch Deepak’s video about this event.

Register for the online global meditation here.


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