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The Yogini from Manila is one of the top 50 yoga blogs in this list


A surprise email dropped into my inbox today. The Yogini from Manila blog is listed as one of the Top 50 Yoga Blogs for 2015 by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Yaaaaaay!!!

My blog as listed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

My blog as listed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Screenshot of the Institute's blog post

Screenshot of the Institute’s blog post

Want to see their complete list of the top 50 yoga blogs? Click here.

In 2012, my blog was already included in the Institute’s Top 100 Yoga Blogs listing for 2012. Now, 3 years later,  it is in the Institute’s Top 50 (they actually listed only 47 blogs). I am honored, humbled, and challenged to put in more content that will be relevant for the yoga community in the Philippines and elsewhere. What makes my blog’s inclusion extra special is the fact that I am in the company of yoga blogs that I have been reading for the longest time because I love their content — Daily Cup of Yoga, Tara Stiles, Everything Yoga, Ekhart Yoga, Yoga Dork, and several more. In fact, I am so happy to see the listing so I could check out the other yoga blogs in this list and add to my list of blog readings.

Background on the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Stephanie of the Institute, in her email to me, described the Institute’s mission as follows:

…the Institute is the world’s first and only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to eating psychology and mind body nutrition. We have millions of fans and followers worldwide and we offer trainings for professionals, programs for the public, online events, live workshops and conferences, as well as plenty of free online content and inspiration. We’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

I’m actually familiar with the Institute because I attended one of their free conferences recently, The Future of Healing Online Conference. The speakers they get for such conferences and programs are some of the well-known resource persons and advocates of wellness in the area of transforming one’s relationship with food.

Thank you so much for this honor, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating!!! I’m excited now to put this badge of honor on my blog.


As for you, my dear readers, let me take this opportunity to also thank you for coming regularly to visit and to read. Please, please let me know in the comments section if there are any particular topics you would want to see here.



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