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Ambient Zone 2: Ambient music for yoga and meditation (and I have download codes to give out!)


If you’re looking for yoga or meditation music, try ambient music. It is a genre that is tonal and continuous, usually evoking dreamy and calming emotions. Recognized as a pioneer of ambient music is Brian Eno whose album, Ambient 1: Music for Airports I have among my playlists. He designed the music by looping a short melody and slowing down the tempo. The result was a continuous stream of calming music that fitted perfectly into the airport atmosphere.

I find certain ambient music perfect for meditating or for yoga practice. In fact, I had already been thinking of a short yin yoga playlist for classes. Then, over the Christmas holidays, I received a surprise email. It was from the label manager of a UK-based record label. He made me listen to a new ambient album they had just released recently – the Ambient Zone 2 — and I loved it!

Ambient Zone 2 cover

Don’t forget to read all the way down because like me, you can have a chance to download the album – for FREE!

All about the Ambient Zone 2 album

Ambient Zone 2 was released last November 20, 2015 — the fifth in The Just Music Cafe Compilation series and following on the heels of the 2013 The Ambient Zone album, Just Music’s second journey into the world of ambient electronica. It is the perfect wintry kind of music.

There are 12 tracks all in all in Ambient Zone 2.

Here’s how the different tracks are described by Just Music:

“The journey opens with the cinematic elegance of Digitonal’s Sentinel, flowing mesmerically on to Afterhere’s captivating On Wings, from there meandering into the sultry beauty of Chris Coco’s New Age Sunrise. The dreamy piano of Jon Hopkins’ bewitching Autumn Hill then takes its hold, closely followed by the dark mystery of Sam Thomas’s Seeing or Agreeing. A pivotal point in the album is Loner’s My Kingdom, Your Sunset with its enigmatic vocals, after which Echaskech’s deep and emotionally resonant Caeleste and the tranquility of Xspance’s The Last Sunrise roll hypnotically on into the idiosyncratic keys of Opdot’s Piano Monody, the gentle beauty of Marconi Union’s Transient and finally, the beautiful last two tunes, Laki Mera’s mysterious Talk To Me and the acoustic innocence of Dan Arborise’s Paths.”


To coincide with the album’s release, director Richie Johnson created a one-hour feature-length music video. I watched the video and was glued to the screen because of the artistry and creativity using a digital version of an analog technique called slit-scan photography. The video features a ballet dancer (Rachel Bodger) who performs a live visualization and interpretation of the album while digital effects were combined to give a riveting video. The music was pleasant and calming to the ears as well as to the eyes. You just have to watch the video yourself!

Thanks to Just Music, I have ten (10) download codes to give away so that all 12 tracks of the Ambient Zone 2 album can be yours. Listen to them as you unwind at the end of a busy day. Use them as background music during your meditation. Or if you are a yoga teacher, select some of them as part of your playlist in class.

How do you get a chance to get a download code?

Just follow the mechanics inside this Rafflecopter box. This begins January 10 (12AM) till January 16, 11:59PM Philippine Time.
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Good luck and happy listening to the winners!

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  1. I like ambient music as well, I listen to it when I’m working at home.

  2. I like to listen to Ambient music while I am at work. carlyw85 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. I love listening to Ambient music when I practice & teach restorative yoga 🙂

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