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The Yogini from Manila is #25 in this list of Top 50 Yoga Blogs


I received another surprise this month. My yoga blog was not only listed as one of the Top 50 Yoga Blogs but it was also included in an infographic! Take a look — I’m #25!

This yoga blog has already gone where I never expected it to go. It began as a simple diary of my own yoga journey. Then I began listing the few yoga studios existing in Metro Manila and eventually, provinces (today, I am happy to see  the number of yoga studios continually rising everywhere!). Now, as I approach my 10th blog anniversary this November 2016, I am starting to refocus my posts on wellness and not just yoga. To make wellness a lifestyle due to greater awareness is challenging, especially in our modern, stress-filled world, but we should keep on trying to bring this message to as many people as possible.

Every list of top blogs will always have some subjectivity in it and the author of the article on says so (“All lists are subjective in the end; and difference of opinion can occur.“). I am just so happy and humbled to be part of several such top yoga blog lists from different sites. It motivates me to try to do even more.

If you want to discover some new yoga bloggers, this list is a place to start. To read the full article, which includes direct links to all 50 yoga blogs, click HERE.

Source: rebateszone

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