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Free: The Sacred Science film + interviews are free for a limited time


This was supposed to end October 31 but the goodness of the people behind The Sacred Science prompted them to extend The Sacred Science film, plus other video interviews, to Friday, November 4, 2016.


Sacred Science-Film screening


The Sacred Science is a site devoted to holistic and alternative modalities. There are online courses as well as articles that cover amazing healing plants (largely found in the Amazon rainforest), and even a cookbook. The site is a treasure trove for those who, like me, realize that at least 25% of the ingredients found nowadays in pharmaceutical drugs, actually come from these plants.

For a limited time, The Sacred Science is making available a full-length film. The film followed the lives of a group of people who left their lives in the western world to live with the shamans in the Amazon rainforest in search of healing for their medical conditions.

In addition, there are several free interviews as well as a Q&A video which you can watch AFTER you view the film. I watched the film and Q&A and am now listening to the interviews and feel these need to be shared.

Our own rainforests here, which, by the way, are facing environmental threats and damage from human irresponsibility, are sanctuaries for healing plants as well. I think that by watching films like these, we can become more aware of what natural healing resources are out there. If studied very well, we can learn to heal ourselves the natural way.

Below are the links to the free videos till Friday, November 4, 2016:

  1. The Sacred Science full-length feature film (watch this FIRST!)
  2. Q&A based on The Sacred Science full-length film
  3. Video 1: The Art Of Inner Work (with shaman Roman Hanis)
  4. Video 2: Wise Woman Medicine (with Dr. Rosita Arvigo)
  5. Video 3: Connecting With Your Inner Shaman (with Alan Waugh)
  6. Video 4: How To Make Your Own Herbal Remedies (with Nick Polizzi)
  7. Video 5: The Wisdom Of Your Ancestors – Meditation (with Illana Berger)
  8. Video 6: The Black Smoke Healing Technique (with Tristan Truscott)



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