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The Yogini from Manila makes it again to’s list of top yoga blogs



It happened in 2015 and it is jumpstarting my 2017 too. The Yogini from Manila blog is once again on‘s recommended list of top yoga blogs to follow in 2017. You can find that list here., based on its website, is the world’s leading online yoga travel company. Its site collates information from thousands of yoga retreat organizers, with hundreds of destinations worldwide. Yoga teachers and students anywhere in the world have such a wide choice of yoga retreats to go through all year round.

Here is what they wrote about my blog:
Feature on post

Check out also the other 24 yoga blogs on the list. You’ll recognize some established and popular yoga blogs…but don’t stop there! There are new blogs on the top yoga blogs list as well. It’s fun to keep on discovering more and more people who blog about their yoga journey because in 2006 when I first started this yoga blog, there were hardly any yoga bloggers I knew. Now, there’s a global community of yoga bloggers. That is truly amazing.

Love and light to you,! And more power too.

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