The Yogini from Manila

June 11, 2016
by jane

Moby is giving away 4 hours of ambient music for yoga, meditation and sleep!

  Love ambient music? Quick….download these! One of the iconicĀ ambient music composers, who is a yogi himself, is an American electronica musician — Moby. Recently, Moby made available for free download hisĀ entire album stretching into four hours, “Long Ambients1: Calm. … Continue reading

January 9, 2016
by jane

Ambient Zone 2: Ambient music for yoga and meditation (and I have download codes to give out!)

If you’re looking for yoga or meditation music, try ambient music. It is a genre that is tonal and continuous, usually evoking dreamy and calming emotions. Recognized as a pioneer of ambient music is Brian Eno whose album, Ambient 1: … Continue reading

June 13, 2015
by jane

Join Deepak Chopra’s 2015 Global Meditation, July 11 (July 12 PHT)

If there is one thing sorely lacking in our world these days, it is COMPASSION. We have become too busy, too materialistic, too focused on ourselves — many times we fail to see how others are suffering or feeling lonely. … Continue reading

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