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A Carnivore Goes Veggie


Just last Saturday, our “Yoga Addict Class” (our close-knit group of yoginis — who can’t seem to get enough of yoga), held a simple birthday feast to honor 2 of our own who turned another year this month of November — Lara and Therese.

It was a spontaneous plan: we would all go for classes at 6:30pm that Saturday; Pio (our yoga teacher) gamely volunteered to roll up his sleeves and show off the culinary skills he is also known for to prepare vegetarian spaghetti, veggie hamburgers and his much-sought-after, mouth-watering “eggless leche flan” (strict vegetarians do not eat egg). The rest of us were to bring potluck food but mind you….ALL VEGETARIAN !!!

It was a FIRST for me. I have never, in my life, eaten a meal that was all vegetarian. Surprisingly, the mini feast was not that bad. In fact, it was VERY GOOD!

So, for the rest out there who are still squeamish about trying vegetarian meals, here is a photo of what we partook of that evening (not in pic: pistacchio and strawberry FIC ice cream, to boot!). Am actually looking forward to another such healthy pig out. The great bonding that evening among the yoginis and our teacher was, as they put it, icing on the “eggless” cake.


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  1. Hi Jane. I am intrigued by the egg-less leche flan. Can that someone from your group who brought that give us the recipe? I know, that post is from so long ago but I came across your site just recently. 🙂 My 18-yr old son is a self-proclaimed leche flan connoisseur 🙂 ; however, he had to stop eating it altogether when his eczema really flared up after eating my regular flan about 3 weeks ago. I have to find a sub..Thanks much!

    • Hello, Irene! I wish I could help but the eggless leche flan preparation is a secret dish of my yoga teacher. Next time I see him though, I will tell him about your son’s condition. Maybe he can point you to another source.

  2. Bakit dito may taro mushroom balls..?

    Sabi ni Teacher Pio hindi classified as sattvic ang mushroom. Ano ber talaga, sister?


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