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My Murphy’s Law Moment


I just had a great week last week, with once-in-a-lifetime events….

First, there was the great Italianni’s lunch Chona and I had with Jon, a newfound yogi friend who had just flown in from Saudi. And with us at lunch was a fantastic, “idol” yogini friend Trin. I had stumbled across Jon’s blog, became fascinated with his many pics showing his yoga poses. Introduced his blog to Chona. Found out we had a common friend in Trin. Further found out it was HE who I videotaped doing partner yoga at the last Mind-Body Conference. And he comes from Davao where I lived for 10 years and where Chona WANTS to live in the future.

A few days later, we had a thanksgiving dinner for 125 boys, including our M2, who had just come home from China after a 6-week foreign study program. I took a lot of pictures of the boys and their supervisors, videotaped the homily and speeches, and had many other pics of our parents and even our buffet tables. Truly great blogging ops.

So, what is a yogini to do when, after all these great, love-to-remember events, her memory card decides to die on her, wiping out all these pictures and more which she still had not transferred to her computer?

That is exactly what happened to me.

I tried downloading all sorts of image recovery software. No deal. Someone suggested I try reading it from a Mac. Did…and failed. So now, I need to deal with the loss of these moments which I now have to commit to my unreliable recall abilities. My plans to blog about them, complete with photos, are now gone.

Then I learned from my good Jesuit friend that he too lost all the pictures in his laptop when it had to be reformatted. I can so, so relate to that!

Yes, I am grieving over the loss of so many memories. But again, if my yoga teacher Pio Baquiran learns about this, his advice for me probably would be to take these in stride and move on. So move on I must.

But recalling a humorous quip which Jon posted in Chona’s blog recently, it’s times like these when yogis and yoginis like us, in such situations, should —

“inHELL, exHELL!!!!”

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  1. Hahaha! I love the inHELL, exHELL.

    May your built-in memory card remain reliable even if technology fails us all. 🙂

    Jane: Hahaha. I love your reference to “built-in memory card”. Gosh, yoga hopefully should keep that one in good running condition for many more years to come! 🙂

  2. Hi Jane,

    I’m now in Davao. It’s just now that I was able to check your blog. Survived 7 hours of road trip from Iligan to CDO to Davao. Tomorrow, we’ll drive to Koronadal City for 4 hours, spending Christmas with maternal relatives there.

    Will be online more regularly once I get back to the desert.

    Enjoy the holidays.

    Jane: Jon!!!! So you’re back in our childhood place. Ayayayay, wish I could be there to eat as much durian as I can. Wishing you a wonderful visit with your relatives. See you soon more regularly online…

    I’m also out of town…in Negros Oriental….having a wonderful time and grand reunion with family from here and abroad. Will blog all about it.

    As for that memory card? Wala na talaga. It’s a goner. I am using a new one now, branded. Can’t afford to lose these pics I am now shooting. Merry Christmas!

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