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My BIL, Gerard, is fond of coming up with the quirkiest ideas during family reunions. Last New Year’s Eve, we were all gathered on the family lawn just after Eve Mass with the kids doing all sorts of somersaults. One niece from Sydney who is a gymnast was doing cartwheels and her brother who is into breakdancing was doing handstands. Gerard suddenly thought of having all of us do the Limbo Rock.

We (adults and kids) lined up in front with 2 people holding a curtain rod. One by one, we limbo rocked under the stick to the delight of the senior citizens who clapped for those who made it through. One by one, people were eliminated as they touched the stick or could not go through. Lower, lower, lower the stick went.

Eventually, it was down to nephews Iggy and Arry, niece Teresa (the gymnast), and I.

I cannot remember who made it to the lowest level. My back gave out by then, hahaha. But, as one of my BILs told me later, the fact that I lasted that long and being the oldest of the remaining contenders, proved beyond a doubt what yoga could do.

As for me, it brought one realization: limbo rock-ing was a fun way of exercising those back muscles. Wonder if doing this often will improve my difficulty with backbends….

Anyhoo…hooray to yoga for getting me through. And here’s to the newest asana — LIMBOROCKASANA!


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