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Kill Bil(2)


Nope! This is NOT all about the violent movie starring Uma Thurman. We’re promoting ahimsa (non-violence), right?

And nope…I did not misspell the title either!

So what’s with the title? READ ON!

But first, let me give you a little background…

Work has been eating me up lately and as a result, my yoga practice has been erratic…at best. I dealt with my frustration by blogging. Read about it HERE and HERE.

Well, as a corporate person, I have only one asana the whole day….Chair Pose! Legs always at right angle, right hand poised over a mouse, eyes on computer screen, fingers typing on keyboard or reaching out to talk to people on the phone. Yes, as I said before — perfect for creating inflexibility and carpal tunnel syndrome!

Today though was wonderful!

We had finalized 5 financial statements late last night so I took the chance of this breather to stay home and rest — and do yoga. And no regrets! I have to thank my teacher Pio who made us go through asanas which were restorative for me. I modified poses in some parts. No jumping forward and backward for now. I just wanted a slow, take-your-time yoga class. Since my other 2 yoga mates (Minna and Joy) were regulars, he also put us through some advanced asanas but I appreciated his taking time out to adjust me (my inflexibility was probably THAT obvious!).

When it came to one of my waterloo asanas (the Wheel), I could almost imagine how humorous it all must have looked like. I could not get up into the pose as my arms just would not push up. So poor Teacher came armed with his towel, wrapped it around my waist, and hoisted me up for the full count! In fact, during the Bridge pose, a normally easy asana for me, I could not get up as high as before and Teacher again came to the rescue with his towel. Thank you for your patience with me, dear Teacher!

But one thing stood out as I was practicing…and this is definitely from my sedentary office life.

In place of the flat tummy I used to have was the hint of a bulge. OH NO!!!! Yes, it is the threat to all women my age who do not lead active lives. The dreaded BIL-BIL!!! (for my non-Filipino yogi and yogini friends, that is the opposite of the 6-pack ABS).

Yep, that’s my title! 🙂

But I have sworn to myself — no lipo, no tummy tucks. Just returning to some semblance of regularity in my practice — and I am sure I can nip and kill BIL(2).

And with regular practice, I look forward to finally hauling myself up into that Wheel.

Till then, namaste.

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  1. Ako pang-Japanese ham sandwich (Bikram forward bend) ang bil2. 🙂

    Jane: Crissy, hindi halata. Lagi kang naka-black! 🙂

  2. Ha ha! Good title Jane! Also try asking Teacher how to take out those bil(2). Mas funny kasi siyang mag deliver kaysa sakin ;-D

    Jane: Chon, pag nabasa niya ito, bahala na siya magbigay ng karapat dapat na asana para kay BIL(2). The sooner I get back to regular practice, the better! 😀

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