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Yoga for Bloggers Event (June 28, 2008)


I had long been wanting to organize a yoga blogger event. Maybe it began with my love for yoga followed by a desire to get more people interested in their own healthy lifestyle. The idea had been brewing for over a year now but I did not even know where to begin.

Enter The Blog and Soul Movement with Jayvee and Juned, two buddy bloggers I first met at iblog summit two years ago. When I spoke with Juned about it recently, he immediately offered Blog and Soul as a venue for gathering the bloggers. This was followed by a lunch meeting with both Jayvee and Juned to seal the deal. We were off to organizing the first ever Fat Blog series of Blog and Soul (the first of several planned series to get bloggers who often lead sedentary lives off their butts and into a healthier lifestyle). And of course, my yogini mate-cum-blogger herself, Chona, is helping out with the logistics.

I am lucky to have my very own yoga teacher, Pio Baquiran, from Vinyasa Yoga Center (VYC) doing the FREE yoga class.

This is to be followed by a short Q&A on health and yoga and capped by a vegetarian dinner.

We also have some sponsors so as is usual in a blogger event, there will be items to give away.

Some details are as follows:

Date: June 28, 2008

Time: 5pm onwards

Place: Vinyasa Yoga Center, 17/F Strata 100 Bldg., Emerald Ave., Ortigas Complex, Pasig City

Space is limited at the shala so Blog and Soul is only taking in ten (10) bloggers. Several things though to keep in mind. One, you MUST BE A BLOGGER. Two, this is for non-VYC students as this is an event to make more people aware of yoga.

Head on over now to Blog and Soul. Those who make the cut-off will get confirmation emails from Blog and Soul. More details will be provided later. Visit this blog regularly for updates.

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  1. What a good idea! Wish i could be there…

    Jane: Hi Nadine! I do wish you were here. If you get to attend the yoga conference in HK some time, that is as close as you can get to Manila. Hop right over here!

  2. Okay Jane, I get it. Lol! Either way, you have my support.

    Looking forward to your post.

    Jane: Tesa, I will surely post. Thank you so much, my dear! Next time we can organize one for more serious practitioners-cum-bloggers. How’s that??? Want to sponsor it?

  3. I signed up na over at blog and soul!

    Jane: YEY, Cookie! Looking forward to seeing you!

  4. hey jane —

    wish i could be there to join you in some blogger-friendly yoga! while it’d be hard for me to practice simultaneously at 5pm MANILA time (that would be 2AM here in LA!), i’ll think of you all during my friday night practice 🙂

    Jane: Awwww, Joni. That is just so SWEET of you! I wish LA was not that far! Thank you for thinking of us and do come visit soon so we can do a class together!

  5. What a great idea!

    Jane: Lara!!! I have missed you! Thanks for the boost. Hope it gets more people into yoga, bloggers specially. Hope to see you again soon 🙂

  6. May I? June 28’s a Saturday no?

    Jane: Tesa, this is going to be a super basic class for non-yogis. You are OVER QUALIFIED!!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Jane! Been wanting to try yoga. I was supposed to attend the class at the gym today but I have migraine. I want tot sign up but I have NO IDEA if i can do the poses. Am still too intimidated, hehe.

    Jane: Tara na, Chats! It’s going to be a basic, basic yoga class. Promise. The poses above are no way near what I can do even! Teacher Pio ko lang yan. Go sign up na at Blog and Soul. Hope to see you.

  8. Oh cool. Good luck on your event!

    Jane: Hey, thanks! 🙂

  9. Hi Jane,

    Does this mean that there’s no Open Class at 7pm on this date?



    Crissy, I understand that regular classes will be cancelled on that day but please reconfirm directly with VYC. Thanks!

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