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My Cushe Yoga Flops


The first time I encountered Cushe (pronounced cu-shee) was at my boys’ school fair just the other week. I was going around taking pictures of the boys’ different game booths when I saw a stall selling flip flops. The brand was new so, without knowing why, I took a shot of it.


Who would ever have thought that the very next day, I’d be talking to Cushe’s marketing person who wanted me to try out their product which turned out to be — what else, but YOGA FLOPS!!!

Of course, Cushe (a UK company) is more than yoga flops. I googled the brand and found out that they also carry men’s and women’s rubber shoes, loafers, sandals and even boots.

I was given a choice of two types of yoga flops that they carry: a low or high pair. The high flops were similar to another pair of clogs that I had while the low flops had a slight elevation from the floor, unlike other flops that are thinner and flatter.

Based on materials I saw on the main Cushe website, the yoga flops are made of the following materials:

Strap: Printed canvas

Footbed: “Yoga mat” sponge

Midsole: Moulded EVA with added arch support

Outsole: Blown rubber for added traction and durabiity

I decided to go with the low pair for this review. The low one was plum in color and one that I thought was nice to wear after a yoga session. The gentlest type of footwear for feet is one that is as close to the ground as possible, isn’t tight and allows breathing space for the feet.

I’ve been wearing the Cushe yoga flops around the house for some time now and find them really comfy. Because the part that touches my sole is made of yoga mat material, which is not only soft and cushy but has those round, elevated indentations in the texture that massage your foot’s underside, I feel as though I am walking on my yoga mat as I walk around.

Last night, I took the Cushe flops for a spin at the gym. This particular design I have has the strap wrapping around my big toe so I wanted to check if constant walking would irritate my skin between the big toe and the second toe since that’s where the greatest pressure of the strap was. None at all. The flip flops were comfy to wear, though I did have two occasions when the flops easily slipped off and I had to insert my feet into them again. I’d probably recommend to Cushe also to consider making the outsole more ridged for even greater grip and traction because the current indentations on the outsole will eventually wear down and become flat, making the flip flops a bit slippery.

Here are some closeup pics I took of my flops.

Did you notice the flops' design? Girl doing the lotus pose!

Full front view

The printed canvas strap is very detailed and soft

How Cushe flops look on my foot 🙂

The high yoga flops come in the following colors: purple, raspberry and brown. The low yoga flops come in plum and raspberry. Both the high and low yoga flops retail for P1,190.

You can find Cushe yoga flops at Cushe’s boutique stores at Festival Mall, Trinoma and Newport and at the Hush Puppies/Cushe boutique store at Eastwood. It’s also available in the following shoe outlets: Planet Sports, Royal Sporting House, Islands, SBMA, Olympic Village and Urban Athletics.

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