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Urban Ashram: A green yoga studio in Pasig


Urban Ashram is strategically located in the residential part of Pasig (around the Shaw Blvd/Kapitolyo/Pioneer St. area). This should be great news for everyone because as far as I know, they are the first yoga studio in that part of town. The nearest yoga studios are located in the commercial district of the Ortigas area. For directions to Urban Ashram, click HERE.

Urban Ashram is considered the largest yoga studio if we’re talking of floor area (over 200 sqm of studio space). It is located on the 3rd floor of a new warehouse. I went up 3 flights of wide, metal stairs and was greeted at the top by an unusually wide door. Yeah, very welcoming!

Let’s go on a mini tour of the place…

The Rooms

Reception area with overhead lighting by Kenneth Cobonpue

A small boutique offers yoga clothes, towels, water bottles, bolsters, mats and other organic products for sale

This room has dividers so it can transform into 3 separate yoga studios that can hold a large number of students

The 4th studio

The yoga studios feature high ceilings to allow natural air to circulate freely. Ceiling fans improve circulation on really warm days. The windows are also constructed in such a way that just enough light comes in so as not to cause discomfort among the students. The floors are made of engineered wood with insulation underneath. I found that interesting because unlike solid floors, this provides some amount of cushion for those power jumps. Urban Ashram is also currently planning to add insulation on the windows facing the street in order to muffle the street sounds of cars and motorcycles for a better yoga experience.

Uniform, neatly spaced purple yoga mats bearing the Urban Ashram logo are found in every room, ready for the next class. Beside each mat is a pair of blocks and strap. Every weekend, these mats are painstakingly washed down with an organic yoga mat cleaner.

The Facilities

Facilities and amenities are oh so important and I could see that Urban Ashram went to a lot of effort to ensure that their students are comfortable both before and after classes. It’s the little touches that matter and you can see it here. Bath towels, available for a small fee, are washed with biodegradable ingredients by an ecologically-friendly service nearby. Locker rooms (aptly named Yogi and Yogini, for male and female respectively) are tastefully modern, airconditioned and most important, clean!

View of the toilets in the women's locker room


The shower areas in the women's locker room


Closeup of shower area. Free shampoo & conditioner! And check out that modern shower head too!


The soaps in the wash area are all organic and natural. Loved the flower arrangement in the corner.


Recycled paper used as paper towels


Geometrically-designed lockers make great use of space. You get a locker key when you sign up for a class.


Shoe racks line the hallways of the yoga studios

Going Green

Everything about Urban Ashram seeks to be as green as possible. In fact, they are the first yoga studio to be a member of the Green Yoga Association, an international community of yoga studios and teachers committed to earth-friendly and responsible practices. All lighting solutions, appliances, and fixtures are energy- and resource-efficient in order to minimize their impact on the environment. All their cleaning materials, soaps and detergents, as well as shower amenities are earth-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

The Teachers

Maricar told me that their teachers underwent training with Yogaworks through Joan Hyman. That’s a good indication that a yoga studio uses internationally-certified teachers. I will get more details on this down the road as I try to create a listing of yoga instructors and their training background.

Thanks to Urban Ashram for making my first class experience with them an energy-filled one. Specific thanks to Maricar Holopainen, one of Urban Ashram’s directors, and to Martin Ngo, my NFR teacher for that night. Namaste…

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  1. Good am!

    How much is the membership fee?


  2. hi! i am interested to find out what “yoga” is all about……i have heard so much about it….i wonder if it is for me………would it be possible to witness (watch) a basic programme? it would at least give me an idea on how it is being you have trial classes? thank you very much….

  3. Hi, Jane! I enjoyed my 15-day yoga pass in Urban Ashram! I’m a forever newbie and this experience really made me want to be more committed into yoga.

    I’m in the process of blogging about this experience. Unfortunately, my phone’s on haywire so I have no photos to support my entry. May I use some of the pics you uploaded here? I’ll keep the watermark and acknowledge you as my source, of course. *crosses fingers*

    • Hi Lornadahl. Sure you can use my photos. Thanks for leavng the watermarks on. Glad you loved Urban Ashram. I hope your experience makes you a regular yogini too! Love and light…

  4. My teenage son and I (first-timers) attended the Hatha (under Abby) and FNR (under Tricia) successively in two days. Lovely, exhilarating experience (yes, despite sore muscles all over). The place is awesome, the Yoga lady teachers wonderful, and the staff are ultra accommodating. The Unlimited Pass for beginners is such a generous treat.

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