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A Day of Yin Yoga, Smoothies and Bonding

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The strong rains could not dampen the enthusiasm of some bloggers and runners who came to the Beyond Yoga studio last August 3. Ria and I had organized a free yin yoga class for them with Dona as teacher but as it rained cats and dogs that day, we were trying not to be anxious wondering who would actually show up.

Well, 10 of us showed up. We had a class!!!

I was actually eager for bloggers to try yoga because our blogging lifestyle is just the complete opposite of what yin yoga is. You find bloggers hunched over a laptop practically the whole day. We’d be sitting for hours on end (bad, bad for the back and hips!). And attending blogging events could be hectic as we’d rush from one event to another, all the while busy taking pictures. Our bodies and minds were always active. We sorely need yin yoga to balance all these movements with something still, quiet and meditative, in a way.

The serious look of everyone got more serious (or anxious) when Dona started the class by saying: “Okay, let’s all get into a headstand!”. Waaaah! Of course she was kidding. And that was the icebreaker.

Dona prepared yin yoga sequences that were particularly suited for bloggers (and runners). Most of these pictures are courtesy of Ria who was our photographer for the day. Thanks, Ria!


Caterpillar – stimulates the kidneys, massages the heart

Butterfly – opens the hips and stretches the lower back

Shoelace – another hip opener; folding forward also decompresses spine

Reclining twist – releases spine tension and restores equilibrium in nervous system

All the bloggers and runners with Teacher Dona

This was just the first part of our day because Ria had prepared a green smoothie workshop for us. Fruits, vegetables and yogurt were combined, blended in a Vitamix blender, and served up to us.

All the ingredients for a healthy smoothie

Ria blends all the ingredients into a yummy, healthy smoothie


And to cap my day at Beyond Yoga, Ria, Anna, Bambi and I hied over to a nearby Korean restaurant for a healthy lunch with my favorite Dolsot Bibimpap.

My favorite Dolsot Bibimpap!

All in all, the rainy weather contributed to a totally yin yoga day with yogini friends. I want to do this again! Thank you to Beyond Yoga and to Cara for lending us a place, to Dona for a wonderfully fun yin yoga class, and to Ria for being my event partner and smoothie teacher. Ria, we were unable to take ‘soup’ but we still had a wonderful time, didn’t we? 🙂

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One Comment

  1. it was a great day, indeed, Jane! I can’t wait for the Yin Yoga Intensives Workshops with Victor Chng this August 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26!

    I hope to see you (and your readers) there then!!! For more details please check out 🙂

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