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The Yogini from Manila lands in the Top 100 Best Yoga Blogs


An email took me by surprise this week. My blog is included in the Institute for the Psychology of Eating‘s 2012 Top 100 Best Yoga Blogs!


I mean, this listing counts among the 100 listed those which I read often because either they are blogs of yoga teachers or practitioners that I have already touched base with, or are awesome yoga sites I personally use as references. In this listing are sites like Yoga Journal, Daily Cup of Yoga, The Everything Yoga, My Yoga Online, Elsie’s Yoga Kula, Gaiam, YogaDork, Elephant Journal and Lululemon Athletica and so many more awesome blogs that I will be including in my yoga blogroll.

Mr. Perry Malowitz of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating describes the institute as “the world’s leading school in nutritional psychology and focus on providing students and professionals with a certification in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition”. In his email to me, Mr. Malowitz explained: “We wanted to provide our audience with a curated list of what we believe are the top blogs on women’s empowerment that align with our philosophy and provide added value to the Internet.”

Here are screenshots showing parts of the Institute’s blog post as well as the one showing my blog’s listing.



Thank you, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, for giving me this honor. I am now even more inspired to make my yoga blog better in so many other ways.



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