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Mates Memory Foam Pillows – a health and comfort discovery


I had been meaning to buy a bolster for the longest time. Ever since doing yin yoga, I always longed to do restful poses with a bolster, not a soft pillow. For one reason or another, I never got around to doing so.

Last week, I was doing the groceries and ended up in the aisle where they sell pillows. I normally do not pass this section but who knows, the universe probably conspired to steer me to this part, haha. I looked up and the sign above read “Mates Memory Foam Pillows”. There were neck pillows, squarish pillows and…bolsters! The first time I took one bolster in my arms, I was hooked. HUGE difference compared to bolsters I’d seen at the malls! This one was covered in suede cloth but what got me was the foam. Cuddly soft and comfortable!¬†The saleslady told me that memory foam depresses wherever pressure is applied but as soon as the pressure is lifted, it goes back to its original shape. Curious, I zipped opened the suede cloth covering the foam, began pressing down on the yellow foam and true enough, it would depress where I’d press down but would lift back up when I’d take my hands off. The feel actually reminded me of a much more expensive brand of pillows and mattresses — Tempur.

Since all I needed was a bolster for my yoga practice and for resting my back while blogging, I decided to spend P988 and happily carried the Mates Memory Foam bolster home.

My bolster with a gray suede cover

The memory foam inside looks very much like Tempur foam

What do you know. Hubby loved its feel and even tried it out. The bolster though was too big for his needs; what he really needed was a neck pillow (called Trav-Mate). So next day, I was back at the supermarket to get him one. Price: P788. The neck pillow comes in 2 variants: firm and soft. The firm one is best for traveling, like in vehicles, when you want to sleep but want your neck to be held firmly in place while vehicle moves. But for sleeping on beds or at home in lounging chairs, the soft one is more comfortable and follows the outline of your face and jaws.

Trav-Mate neck pillow (PhP 788)

More discussions with the saleslady and here’s what I found out. The memory foam is imported but is made into different products locally. Many doctors recommend these to their patients who need comfort and support in various forms. I was told that local hospitals have also ordered memory foam products.

Even more info that I found on the internet on memory foam:

* The material was developed by NASA in the 70s to relieve the astronauts’ pressure from long hours of sitting. But it was only in the 90s when the material was used for consumer purposes.

* It is a Visco-elastic material which is temperature-sensitive and molds to the body as you lie down on it. Because it distributes weight evenly, sleep is so much better on this kind of foam.

* Light people sink into the foam a little; heavier people sink in deeper. Because heat is trapped more in foam, those who are sensitive to heat may opt NOT to use memory foam as a mattress as it may be uncomfortable for them. However, if not used as a mattress but just as a support, it is great.

Here’s a short video of me showing how memory foam on my bolster depresses and returns to its original shape.


I’ve already tried the Mates Memory Foam bolster while doing yin yoga and I almost did not want to get up from the floor. I just wanted to lie there. It’s great also as a knee support for me when I sleep.

Here are some of their other products using the memory foam:

1. The ARC (PhP 1,288) – a nursing mother’s elbow and forearm support partner. Use it under the elbow and forearm while nursing baby or as support while lying down in bed.

2. Med Incline Pillow – comes in 7″ (PhP 2,188) or 9″ (PhP 2,288) incline. Instead of stacking several pillow under your head, this raises your upper back and head so that just one pillow will be sufficient. Reduces effects of acid reflux, heart burn, snoring, sleep apnea, sinus, digestive, respiratory and heart problems during sleep. Also good for pregnant women or as a prop in bed when reading.

3. Lumbar Elite (PhP 1,188) – made of conventional foam with memory foam that touches the lower back. Shaped for superior lumbar support to relieve lower back pains.Comes with detachable elastic strap for seat attachment.

4. Aero Wedge (PhP 1,188) – This one relieves pressure during extended sitting, perfect for office use. The hole in the center provides surface relief for post natal use or for those suffering from hemorrhoids.


There are still other Mates Memory Foam Pillows so just check out their Facebook page’s photo album for pictures of other products.

Mates Memory Foam Pillows are available at The Landmark Makati/Trinoma, Metro Market! Market!, UniMart, Cash & Carry and kiosks at Robinson’s Place Manila, Robinson’s Galleria and Alabang Town Center.

(Photos showing products other than my bolster photos are courtesy of the Facebook page of Mates Memory Foam Pillows)

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  1. Hi Jane, may I ask where is the exact location in trinoma ? is it inside the department store?

  2. Meron po ba mas malakina bolster yung pang adult talaga.

    • Hello, Mia. All the pillows shown here can be used by adults. Depende nalang sa gamit mo. I suggest you visit also their Facebook page (I put the link here) so you can see what each kind of pillow is used for.

  3. Are these memory foam pillows for real? Do they really provide health benefits? I’m thinking of changing our pillows with this type, that’s why I want to know if they are truly beneficial to our health.

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