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Review: Walking around the metro in my RegettaCanoe sandals


More than fashion, when I buy footwear nowadays, my foremost priority is foot comfort and support. In my corporate world some decades back, I wore closed, heeled shoes. Fashionable but torture on the feet!!!

Yoga has shown me the importance of freedom and comfort of the feet. In reflexology, massage is concentrated on the soles of the feet. Why? Because all organs can be stimulated and manipulated depending on which pressure points in the soles you depress. Energy channels (meridians) start or end in the toes and run through “highways of energy” all over. But because meridians begin or end in the toes, the feet (often much neglected) actually are very important to our wellness. Our feet need to breathe and our toes must not be constrained by tight-fitting, pointy and very high-heeled shoes that keep our feet for hours in unnatural positions. When the feet are well-supported, it actually contributes to one’s overall well-being. Don’t you automatically feel it all over your body when your feet are painful and tired?

Got this Regetta pair to try out!

A few weeks ago, I received this RegettaCanoe sandals to try out. RegettaCanoe is a new brand that’s just breaking into the footwear market. So, for weeks now, this has been my footwear of choice. Yes, I really wanted to put my RegettaCanoe through the ringer before sitting down to write this review so I wore it to every blogger event I was invited to, walked to and from church with it during all 3 days of the Holy Week, and stood in long grocery lines just to check if my feet would complain. My verdict? Feather light. Cushiony soft on the soles. Great arch support. Fashionable enough for casual and office wear. And….absolutely no tired feet!

Wearing my Regetta sandals to a presidential debate viewing party. I walked around in this a lot that night but never felt the stress on my feet.

It was actually quite interesting to read about the origins of Regetta Canoe and how each pair is put together.

Why is it called RegettaCanoe?

In 2005, a young man, Yasuo Takamoto, thought of using modern shoemaking techniques to reintroduce the traditional Japanese slippers called geta while incorporating it with a canoe shape. By November 2012, he already had his first RegettaCanoe footwear.


The Japanese 'geta'

The Japanese ‘geta’ (As a child, I had a tiny authentic pair brought by my lolo from Japan)


The canoe symbolizes a spirit that takes on challenges with well thought out planning

The canoe symbolizes a spirit that takes on challenges with well thought out planning

My lolo was a consul who traveled a lot and on one of his trips to Japan, he got me my own tiny geta. I actually remember walking around in that geta and it was haaaard! Those Japanese geisha of long ago must have really had difficulty walking around in them! So I’m appreciating Takamoto’s idea to incorporate the geta into one continuous canoe shape because instead of that awkward forward motion in the geta with just 2 horizontal wooden pieces for balance, the feet can now comfortably roll from heel to toe during walking.

Ergonomic Features

A lot of thought was put into the RegettaCanoe although it looks very simple. Each feature has a contribution to wellness:

  • Total foot support all around – every RegettaCanoe is designed for inner arch support, outside arch support, metatarsal support, and heel support. When standing, I can really feel how the sandals support my arches, even when I tend to roll my feet inwards. For me, arch support is one of the key features to minimize or totally eliminate tired feet.

Total foot support all around


Full arch and heel support

The RegettaCanoe supports arches on both sides, as well as toe and heel protection2.

  •  Impact absorption – RegettaCanoe footwear are made in 3 layers. If you look at my sandal below, you won’t see the 3 layers because the finishing process conceals that. But when I stand and rock back and forth on them, the soles are not firm like they are in many shoes. This pair feels like I am standing on a firm, spongy yoga mat and it gives way in whichever direction I put foot pressure on. Really comfy!
All Regetta Canoe footwear have 3 layers for maximum impact absorption

All RegettaCanoe footwear have 3 layers for maximum impact absorption


The final look does not reveal the 3 layers of insoles but you can feel its effect

The final side view look does not reveal the 3 layers of insoles but you can feel its effect

  • Toe and heel guards – Diabetics will love RegettaCanoe. Diabetics, because of reduced sensation in the feet due to their medical condition, often cannot immediately sense if they have wounds in that area. That is why their selection of footwear is very important and toe protection should be a key consideration. RegettaCanoe is shaped so that the toe area slants upwards, providing automatic protection against toes stubbing against objects and hurting the user. Even the heels are protected, with the upper heel part jutting slightly outward to absorb any external impact. Consider this the bumper equivalent in cars.
Both toe and heel areas are well-protected

Both toe and heel areas are well-protected

  • Promotes efficient blood circulation and full foot contact on the ground – RegettaCanoe footwear are made with an open concept in mind. Feet can easily breathe and move comfortably around as you walk, with full support. This allows the efficient circulation of blood. Because the design allows full contact of the soles on the ground, this is great for those with balance issues.
  • Undersole grip – The undersoles are ridged for better grip on smooth surfaces
Provides a good grip on smooth surfaces

Provides a good grip on smooth surfaces

RegettaCanoe currently has the RC Origins style for men and women but they plan to bring in more styles in the future. The SRP of RC Origins is PhP 3,990. For kids, they have the Chibi style and that goes for PhP 1,990.

RC Origin (unisex)

RC Origin (unisex) step-in. My Origin has a heel strap if you prefer that.

Chibi style for kids

Chibi style for kids

If you’re in the market for a new pair of footwear that will contribute to your feet’s well-being, check out RegettaCanoe. RegettaCanoe can be found in the following Res | Toe | Run outlets: Eastwood, Megaworld Lucky Chinatown, Ayala Glorietta 4, Robinsons Magnolia, Ayala Trinoma, Shangri-la Plaza, Fisher Mall, Festival, Ayala Nuvali, Ayala Marquee, Robinsons Tacloban, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Ayala Abreeza, LKK Centrio, and Robinsons Butuan.

Follow them on social media too:

Instagram: @RegettaCanoePH



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