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Could this be why December 2016 energies are affecting us like crazy?


Are December 2016 energies throwing you out of whack?

I thought it was just me until a few other people I know also shared how they had difficulty feeling the Christmas spirit. Their feelings resonated totally with me because on the outside, I was trying to act like all was normal but inside, I was not feeling Christmas at all.

The first half of December was not too bad but as soon as the second half hit, I suddenly felt a drastic shift in my energies. My energy levels dropped and so did my tolerance for stress. All of a sudden, I did not feel like engaging people on social media. I went into a semi-social media detox. I had very little appetite, felt bloated all the time, had an irregular elimination schedule, and experienced shorter and shallower sleep. I would watch TV and tear up whenever a story or a quotation touched me. I’ve also become even more of an introvert these days, choosing to enjoy solitude and just being content reading a book or blogging. Sobra akong affected! (I am too affected!)

As it turns out, we are in the period of Mercury retrograde (it began Dec. 19 and will last till Jan. 8). Ahhh, that could explain part of it. I know not all of you are believers in Mercury retrograde effects and it really used to sound woo-woo to me until I realized through my yoga practice that our connection to God and the Universe meant a REAL connection in all ways — physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and even energetic. We are affected by everything inside, outside, and around us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Then today, I came across other people on the web posting about how they were also feeling out of sync. One particular article caught my eye because it led me to the YouTube channel of a scientist by the name of Dutch. Dutch monitors earthquakes around the world round-the-clock and livestreams these. He also does podcasts, maintains a website on earthquakes, and a Facebook page which contain all his posts on earthquake probabilities based on his scientific observations.

In this particular YouTube video which I am embedding below, Dutch showed how, last Dec. 19, the earth was hit by a large wave of energy from an unknown source. According to Dutch, in all his years doing this work on earthquakes, he has never seen a phenomenon such as this.

Watch Dutch’s videos below on the energy wave. In the first video, he also mentions how this massive energy wave could affect and possibly cause major earthquakes. Dutch had another video a week before Christmas where he issued a major earthquake warning for South America in the coming days. Well, a major earthquake did happen in Chile last Christmas Day. Do I believe all this? I’m not totally there yet….but I’m keeping an open mind.



Now, combine this supposed woo-woo Mercury retrograde’s effects (which began on Dec. 19) with Dutch’s scientific observation of a huge energy wave hitting Earth on the same day. That is a lot of energy coming down all around and through us! Is that a double whammy or what?

Could we all be reacting to both of these energy events? Since we are indeed energy beings, these events can explain a lot of what has been driving us wacky these days.

All we can do now is try to go with the flow, being mindful all the time of our circumstances and choosing how to react. Meditation will be my coping mechanism till these events pass.

In the end, we always, always have the freedom to choose how to react to a situation. This is actually the time to do everything that starts with RE — renew, retreat, reconnect, reflect, recommit, relent, review, relax, reconsider, re-communicate, revisit, revamp, revise, rethink, reschedule, reassess, repair, renegotiate.

Have you been feeling differently too? Please share your experience with me. I’ll feel better knowing that I am not alone in this journey.



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  1. You absolutely shocked me with this post. Many people in our Yoga studio complained that they don’t really want to socialize on any type of media, many people had cabin fever and, speaking of Mother Nature, we had thunderstorm on Christmas getting into an ice storm which turned everything into Fairytail land icing everything in. too many pushed themselves to still practice which was so hard at that time of the year. All together we had 3 ice storms this winter which nave never happened before

    • Wow! Your comment just confirmed that something was indeed affecting people in different parts of the world! More and more, I understand how our energy bodies can really be affected by other energy phenomena. All this is beyond our control so all we really can do is recognize its effect on us and try to go with the flow, knowing that it has an end. Sometimes, a gentler yoga practice helps, like yin yoga.

  2. Tita Jane, same situation here. It’s like double whammy. I was suddenly felt not in a mood talking to him since last night, and went mad at him few days ago. Twisted December.

    • We just have to go with the flow and accept that there are seasons when such things make us go wacky. It will get better for us all. 🙂

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