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The world just lost a beautiful soul. Affirmation guru Louise Hay passes on at the young age of 90

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When I think about affirmations, there is no one else that first comes to my mind but Louise Hay. This morning, I woke up to the sad news that Louise had moved on beyond the physical life at the young age of 90.

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Louise Hay was ahead of her time. In the 70s, long before the concept of mind-body-spirit connection became popular and acceptable not just within the yoga community but to many people who realized that wellness was affected not just by the physical factors but also by emotions and one’s environment, Louise published her first book “Heal Your Body” (known as “the little blue book”). This was a compilation of the mental causes of physical ailments as well as positive thought patterns that could possibly reverse illness and promote health — an offshoot of years of counseling that Louise had been involved in as well as her personal experience with healing herself from cancer using such thought patterns. Today, those positive thought patterns, called affirmations, are food for the soul (and for the body).

Some of the affirmations on

Louise Hay will be missed, for sure. I believe her passing means her mission on this earth is done and it is up to all of us to continue the priceless and timeless legacy she has left behind.

Rest in peace, beautiful soul. Thank you for your gifts to humanity, Louise Hay.


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  1. I am very shocked to hear this news i learned a lot from her life. He was my inspirational teacher.

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