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I’m Jane Uymatiao, a Filipina yogini and certified yin yoga teacher from Manila, Philippines.

I initially began this blog to chronicle my own journey as a yogini. At that time, there were only a few people practicing yoga in the Philippines and you could count the number of yoga styles on one hand. Today, there are yoga studios from north to south of Metro Manila offering a wide range of yoga styles, including hybrid ones like antigravity yoga and yogilates.

My first experience of yoga was vinyasa and I loved it for many years. However, I took a yin yoga class in 2011 with Dona Tumacder-Esteban who is now the founder of Yin Yoga Philippines and that set me on a different direction in my practice. When Yin Yoga in Asia founder Victor Chng began visiting Manila to conduct workshops in 2012, my love for its healing effects deepened. 2014 marks the year I got my certification as a yin yoga teacher, having trained under Victor Chng. While I will try to write about yoga in general you will find that a lot of my personal insights will come from my yin yoga experience, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition and body energy.

In this blog you will find a list of yoga studios, not just in Metro Manila but in other parts of the country, to help yogis find places to practice wherever they are. My blog has also branched out beyond just my journey. Publishers of yoga and wellness books have been sending me upcoming book titles for review. I also get requests to feature wellness products and I feature those that I am able to personally experience and try.

My teacher Victor says that transformation can happen only when you are willing to break open your old self to make way for the new one to emerge. My yoga journey is helping me with this transformation, starting from the inside out. I hope through my writings, I can also inspire you on the path to a longer, healthier and more meaningful life.

If you are in Metro Manila and would like to try yin yoga, I conduct private classes for individuals, groups and corporations/organizations.

You can reach me through the Contact Me form.

Love, light, and health…


  1. Hi Jane, I also practice yoga at home but I haven’t blog about it (i have a beauty blog and want to include fitness) because of your blog I want to document my journey. Hope we could get in touch I’ve been doing it for years but got serious about the practice last year 🙂 Cheers!!!

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for writing me. I’m so glad that in some little way, I’ve inspired you to chronicle your very own yoga journey. It’s always good to look back and see how far we’ve come in our journey. Please keep in touch. Love and light to you. 🙂

  2. hi!

    i would like to know more about the classes u offer. May I know the rates and yoga schedule?


    • Oh I am sorry but I do not teach. But if you head on over to my Resources tab and click on “Philippine Yoga Studios”, there might be one near you.

  3. hi,

    would you know where to buy a machine washable yoga mat here in the philippines? I’ve seen on the web the breathemat but they just sell it online and will incur shipping cost.

    pls advise.


    • Try asking Certified Calm in Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong. They have several varieties and brands of yoga mats. They may have one that is machine washable. Thanks for writing!

  4. Hi Jane, Im Jaja, working in abs-cbn, I was browsing on the net looking for someone who knows how to speak Sanskrit, Im looking for an instructor kasi, would you happen to know one? It would really be of help for us. Thank you.

  5. I just found your site. I am doing stretching/yoga/meditation tonight here in Metro Manila. I am 43yrs male from USA looking to connect with others regarding kundalini yoga or similar. I would really like to work with others to start a new business to bring yoga, breathing and health to the millions of filipinos here in Manila.

    Do not yet have a work visa in Philippines but have my visa extension until late December 2011. Intend to keep extending as long as I can get a work visa and afford to live here. I am currently living with my Fiancee in Tondo/Manila. We intend to start our life together here in Philippines after we generate an income stream. I am a 20yr business professional/CPA/Certified Public Accountant and have much experience to start businesses. I am hoping to meet and work with others that want to build a special healthy business focusing on sharing healing and health knowledge here. Please reach out to me. I am looking for a miracle and am tired of my old profession. I also want to generate donations for the business so anybody can use our services even if they don’t have any money. Health and healing belongs to the People.

    Mabuhay, Shawn..

  6. hi yogajane! would you know of studios in manila offering 200-hr teacher’s training, preferably yoga alliance certified? i have heard of bliss yoga (2x a year, may and november) and urban ashram (march 2012, which is YA-certified). i would like to see which is best for me.

    thanks in advance!

    • Hi! Yes, I’ve heard of their teacher training courses. It would be best if you contact them directly to check which timetable suits you. YA certification is important if you intend to put up your own shala and teach later.

  7. Hi Jane,

    First, I wanted to say thank you for having our studio on your site. We are all definitely playing apart in getting more people to become aware of yoga (any style) and avail of its many benefits (mental, emotional and physical).

    My name is Tristan Choa and I run the 2 studios of Bikram Yoga Manila. We are the first authorized Bikram yoga studios in the Philippines and we celebrated our 5th anniversary yesterday.

    To celebrate, we wanted to offer free yoga classes to the public at our 2 studios ( for the month of November and December. We are offering our Monday to Friday 9 am and 4/4:30 pm classes for first timers (please consult our schedule online as we do not have 4/4:30 on Tuesdays & Thursdays).

    We would very much appreciate your help in getting the word out. And if you could let other bloggers know, that would be even better. Should you want a logo or image to put up, please let me know.

    Our studios are located at:

    Bikram Yoga Manila
    1503 88 Corporate Center
    141 Valero Street
    Salcedo Village, Makati City
    Tel. 576-8391, 889-0126

    Bikram Yoga Manila
    5/F CKB Centre
    203 T. Morato Avenue, QC
    (1 block from Timog Circle, Italianni’s on G/F)
    Tel: 494-8741, 501-5833

    Thank you for your time and more power to your blog!

  8. Hi Jane,

    Would be grateful if you could list Yoga Malate in your directory. We are located 2030 A.Mabini Street in Malate, Manila.

    Thanks !

    @Marina – Done! And thanks for the heads-up.

  9. Hello Miss Jane!

    The info you have about yoga is really interesting and i ave actually been wanting to take some classes due to a cousins advice, but i was putting the idea aside since i just realized that there are lots of yoga style and i actually don’t know what to choose thus i also don’t know what yoga studio to enroll in.

    If i may ask, what is the best style for me to start with, although i’m a little flexible, i haven’t tried yoga before. and can you recommend a studio around malate, manila where i can enroll in?

    Thank you so much!!!!

    @Dana – I responded to you by email. Namaste.

  10. hello jane. just want to ask if yoga would help me to flaten my stomach? i have big belly =( and can a yoga do everything everyday? because it has different categories right?so just wondering if that would be possible that everything would be combine? anyway do you have any idea where is the cheapest yoga centers? i really wanted to join. but my budget is not enough. or do you know any yoga instructors that teaches with members of yoga one on one lecture?because i think that would be better right? =) hhmmmm if i would watch about yoga would that be able to help me learn and also help me relax?please help me…i really wanted to join.. thanks a lot jane

  11. Hello Jane,

    Do you have anything to share about Kundalini. I think that my Kundalini was stirred when I was merely 7-8 years old. I had some disturbing experience regularly which led me to request God to release me of that trouble. Now when I look back, I feel that I made a mistake long time ago. I shouldn’t have stopped him from doing his job.

    If there’s a spark left in me to rise above the normal consciousness, tell me how do I regain it? Do you yourself have similar experiences or know someone from India who can help me with this?

    Finally, thanks for writing up this blog and being so dedicated to Yoga practices. May God bring you realization!

    • Hi, I had a full kundalini awakening in 2007. If you still have questions, love to converse here at this blog. I had a blog before but stopped. It is not my calling now to blog, but instead to “DO”. I would love to share my experience with you as I have been to Heaven and Hell, back and forth, many times. Been misdiagnosed as bipolar or crazy, when I know those labels are only due to those that do not understand or have experienced a real awakening.


  12. Jane,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:

    Hope you find it helpful!


  13. hi jane!

    stumbled upon your blog through google, i think. great to see there’s someone as passionate as you are about yoga to dedicate a blog about it. i’ve just been doing it for a year (i go to ananda marga), actually for a very simple goal of getting some exercise, but the benefits are much more than i signed up for.

    ironically i haven’t written about it my blog yet, i’m still trying to find words to justify the experience.

    oh, and i’ve linked you up.


    @selenakyle – Thank you so much for the link-up. I look forward to reading about your own yoga experience. You can never know who of your blog readers will become inspired by your words. 🙂

  14. hi jane. may i get your email address? i’d like to send you a message regarding an inquiry.


    Jane: Hi Patrick. My email address is

  15. Hi Jane, I’m a fellow yogi, surfer, and a frequent Yoga Journal writer and I thought you might be interested in doing a little blog on my upcoming surfing/yoga/zen memoir, Saltwater Buddha: a surfer’s quest to find Zen on the sea. The book comes out this May from Wisdom Pubs and you can read some advanced praise, as well as see some of my other writings, at or below. Let me know if you’d like a press copy. I’m also happy to do an interview via phone or email to create easy content for you.
    Thanks for your time!

    Best wishes,
    Jaimal Yogis

    Advanced Praise

    “It’s the perfect read for those who love the ocean as much as their yoga mats, or for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual practice that is surfing.”
    Karen Macklin, Yoga Journal

    “Jaimal Yogis has done, in this terrific first book, what every artist
    and writer strives to do: he has made something beautiful and
    universal from the particulars of his own life. He writes well about
    surfing; he writes well about Buddhism; he writes well about what it feels like to be a person; but mostly, he just writes well. Yogis’s
    sentence are clean, clear, and disciplined, and his story-telling
    instincts are strong, so strong that this book will surely find the
    audience it deserves–among surfers, among seekers, and among those
    who enjoy being swept along on a curious ride.”
    Daniel Duane, author of Caught Inside: a surfer’s year on the California Coast

    “Jaimal Yogis starts off as an Everyteen with two deep hungers—to learn surfing and to calm his mind—and his simple, amused, deadly serious report on how he tries to satisfy those desires may ultimately launch an entirely new breed of memoir: the coming-of-sage story. Yogis’ prose is etched yet effortless, a conversation with a friend who pretends to be naïve, but has clearly drunk up so much life experience that you trust his authority as a truth-telling more than you know. He rocked me happily for chapters as he recounted his journey from Atlantic island to California suburb to a series of beach towns (including, memorably, Brooklyn). But each time I was lulled, I always was also on edge, wondering if bigger surf may be coming. Indeed, it was: several moving, sharp-edged episodes—sets, really—that will stay vivid in my mind for a long, long time.”
    Bruce Kelley, editor-in-chief, San Francisco Magazine

    “…lighthearted and natural and unafraid…a beautiful coming of age story.”
    Abby Gruen, New York Times contributing writer

    “Saltwater Buddha is a wryly told, compelling nonfiction saga of a young
    man’s apprenticeship in breaking waves and the deep, still waters of
    Buddhism. A pilgrim’s progress, this attractively self-deprecating narrative
    makes no grandiose claims for either the teller’s surfing or for his soul.
    Still, we perceive, finally, that surfing becomes him–as does writing.
    Saltwater Buddha will be rich reading for both surfers and spiritual
    seekers, who are, we learn here, sometimes one and the same.”
    Thomas Farber, author of The Face of the Deep

    “At sixteen, Jaimal Yogis ran way on a spiritual journey of a magnitude few of us even dream of, to learn to ride the waves of the world’s oceans, and the bigger surf within his own mind. As Jaimal gains hard-won spiritual lessons with a teenager’s eagerness and a surfer’s passion, we cannot help but see our own spiritual life with fresh, beginner’s eyes. His journey started in nothingness–at least in a material sense. But it ends in deep riches of spiritual insight, human warmth and humor. The pages kept turning. I couldn’t put this book down.”
    Michael Ellsberg, author of The Power of Eye Contact (HarperCollins, forthcoming)

    “The quality of Yogis writing is up there with, amongst others, Daniel Duane, Allan Weisbecker, Kem Nunn, Tim Winton etc. Surfers and searchers alike will love it. Out in May 2009….reserve a copy!”
    Matt Strathern,

    “A personal Odyssey in which the writer has followed his dreams and listened to the quiet whispers of his soul as if they were carried on a gentle offshore wind. It’s an inspiring and thought-provoking book which may well have you returning to it again and again.”
    Tim Kevan, author of Why Lawyers Should Surf

    “…heartfelt, honest and self-deprecating, enabling the reader to empathise with Yogis at every stage of his journey, whether he’s fleeing home to learn to surf in Hawaii, immersed in Buddhist ritual in a French monastery, grappling with surf Nazis in Santa Cruz or suffering for his art while aboard a commercial fishing boat…great stuff with the words ‘cult classic’ stamped all over it.”
    Alex Wade, author of Surf Nation

    “I’m just not in to spirituality, or so I thought. Turns out I read it in two sittings. As will you.”

    “In a time when the world seems to be ready to self destruct a little, this book brings with it a message of fun, wisdom, inner exploration and a way to find and lose yourself in the most prevalent element on the planet, water…will make a timeless addition to anyone’s collection whether you are a surfer or not.”
    South West Surf Review

    “Anyone who has a love of the ocean, the beach and the waves and is overwhelmingly drawn to them will truly enjoy this book!”
    Rob Nixon, blogger and founding Member of the South Texas Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation

    “I am not a surfer; still Jaimal openly welcomes me into his world of passion for surfing, both the actual wet, cold, hard-rock bottom of the sport and the mistiness of the analogy for life.”
    Ross Anthony, Hollywood Report Card

    “I have always had an interest in things Zen since reading Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance as a young man. Now thirty years on Jaimal Yogis has written his version, all be it from a more youthful point of view, founded in the surf of Hawaii, California and New York.”
    Tony Foster,

    “Great book to put on the book shelf between ‘i am that’ and ‘The mindless ferocity of sharks”

    “…captures the spirit of zen in a savory broth of water metaphors.”
    Jack Ricchiuto,

    “The author has a mind born with spiritual habits and a brain able to write prose pictorially vivid and spiritually telling. I found it a pleasure to go along on this man’s adventure.”

  16. Basics dood!!! try the flow series which can be bought at any video retailer shop eg. astro vision,,, and btw im not endorsing any shop for that matter. im just suggesting

  17. Hi Jane. I am interested in starting to practice Yoga. Can you suggest how and where a complete beginner like me might be able to start? Thanks, Paul.

  18. Hi Jane,

    It’s me again.. I will be in Manila from 19 Jan-8 Feb. As part of my training course, I need to observe other teachers, who teach in a similar tradition. Could you help me arrange an observation session with your teacher, Pio?

    It would be great if we could practise together as well.


  19. hi jane its me edwin again well the holidays and p90x are taking its toll on my body sometimes i get timid when its time for my yoga routine.. my body aches thanks to the “muscle confusion” that the p90x offers but i guess it improve my flexibility, a little bit of balance, coordination, endurance but it kinda drains me a lot still i kinda like the aching feeling of my body coz somehow i know it pushes me to my limit and maybe im kinda the yoyo dieter type of person.. well any advice for me..????

  20. hi jane!!! im edwin and im from iloilo.its nice to know that there are people in the Philippines who do yoga.. i i kinda i hate it when people tell me that yoga is boring etc.. but i love it!!! but im kinda doing the flow series, rodney yee and the yoga video from the p90x series.. and im some where between beginner-intermediate. and i hope that someday ill learn some advance move like the headstand 😉 and hope that ill get the chance to be a certified instructor and teach yoga here in iloilo.

    Jane: Hi Edwin! I was born in Iloilo too so it is wonderful to find someone from there who enjoys yoga! I truly hope you can see your dream come true soon to be certified. You will be instrumental in bringing yoga to more people in Iloilo. Good luck!

  21. Hi Jane,

    I’m interested to take yoga program for beginners, but when I was researching on different yoga centers I didn’t know that there are so many different kinds of yoga. Can you please guide me on how to start.

    Thank you,

  22. Hi Jane!

    Guess what? We’re going to the reunion next week. Any chance that you are coming? 🙂 It would be so great to see you! I’ve been in touch with so many old friends. I’ll take pictures and send them to you!



    Jane: Kathleen!!! I had been wanting to go to the reunion but it is such in the office right now that I cannot leave. Do take LOTS of pics with our old friends and let them know I miss them. Enjoy the reunion and re-live all our good memories together. Love and hugs to you and Bud.

  23. Hi Jane,

    I have just arrived in Manila one week ago and I would like to continue my kundalini yoga lessons as I was taking before. Could you tell me what is nearest yoga center from Malate area?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Jane: Hi there, Patricia! Thanks for visiting. Unfortunately, kundalini is not yet being offered in the Philippines. I asked around about this at the last Yoga Weekend of Fitness and got the same answer. Are you open to trying another style of yoga?

    The closest studios to you are in the Makati area (go to “Studios/Sanctuaries” on my homepage to check. However, a friend instructor just told me she knows someone teaching Ashtanga in the Malate area. I still have to wait for her to provide a contact number. Will email you privately on this if I get it.

    Feel free to contact me again!

  24. Hi Jane,
    I gave birth CS last October is it okay ba if I start yoga? Also would you know of any Yoga class held near Cainta?


    Jane: Hi there, Gail! I am humbled that you would ask my advice but as it has been some time since I gave birth (and natural delivery at that) I would strongly advise you to check with your OB-gyne first. Once you are given the go signal, check out the yoga studios near you and ask what kind of yoga they do. You might want to start out with a gentle class and slowly move to more intense poses. You may also want to watch a class just to get an idea if it is the type of yoga you want, since there are several kinds available here in Manila. Look up my links under “Studios/Sanctuaries” to find a studio near you. Let me know how it goes or if I can be of further help! 🙂

  25. Hi Jane,

    I wanted to say you have a wonderful website and pictures. I am a Filipino-American in Memphis, TN and have practiced vinyasa yoga for about 7 years. To say I love yoga is an understatement. I am happy to know there are dedicated yogis and beautiful studios in Manila, for when I go to visit. Thank you for your resource!


    Jane: Rosie, it is always a delight to discover yet another FilAm yogini. I would love to hear from you more and your practice as you have been at it longer than me. Let us keep in touch. Namaste and Mabuhay!

  26. Hi Jane!

    Really love reading your blog. Please do keep it up and I hope you find more joy in having more readers appreciate your posts!

    — Crissy, from VYC (the New Year/New Moon Party).

    Jane: Crissy! I am so happy to have met you at Joy’s place. Thank you for your kind words for this blog which started out as a personal yoga diary of sorts but somehow evolved into what it is now. I look forward to learning new things about yoga too through what you share with me. See you in class. Namaste!

  27. Hi Jane,
    Kamusta ka? I heard about your blog through Hillary Rubin – a wonderful yoga teacher and friend in Anusara yoga. I wanted to say hello to a fellow Filipina yogini as I, too am Filipina-American and always want to connect more with both my ever-expanding Filipino family and my ever-expanding yoga family.

    I study a lot of Sanskrit at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York and one of the things I love to note are all the Sanskrit words in the Tagalog language – and how the understanding of Sanskrit leads to a wonderful intuition about yoga asana, meditation and samadhi.

    My Web site is and blog:

    Nice meeting you!
    Om shantih,

    Jane: Hi Kristina, kamusta ka rin? This is such a wonderful surprise….touching base with another Filipina yogini from the US!

    I’ve been to your website and blog and have already linked you up. Amazing…never knew there was such a close connection between Tagalog and Sanskrit! I hope we can find more such connections!

    If ever you have plans of visiting Manila, please please do look me up! Oh…by the way, I have seen Kirtan once with my wonderful teacher Pio participating as he is part of the Hare Krishna community…and yes, it is wonderful singing and dancing. It’s similar to the kind of song/dance we do in our Catholic community during Easter time to celebrate the Resurrection.

    Let’s keep in touch! Namaste.

  28. By the way, Jane, saw PinoYoga sells yoga rugs? Whereabouts? I leave manila on Friday morning (super early) and would like to buy one beforehand. I sent an email already with my number, in case.


    Jane: Therese, thank you for purchasing our PinoYoga rug. Let’s link up when you get back.

  29. Hello Jane,

    I recently got certified as Bikram yoga teacher, myself. It’s great to see your website–a Filipina blogging on yoga! I writemore about yoga than anything else, though still interspersed with life stories. keep it up!

    Thanks Therese! Dropped by your site too and am linking you up as another yoga blogger discovered! Congratulations on your certification!

  30. Hello Jane,

    Nice to hear that more Filipinos are getting into yoga. I also got into yoga just a few years ago (late 2005) and now I am so addicted to it that I have started a training course to become a teacher! It’s a bit similar to what you are doing, it used to be called viniyoga but now we call it Healing Yoga based on the Krishnamacharya tradition. It’s so cool to find someone who knows of him. Not a lot of people know that Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar were his students.

    Hopefully when I come home in March, I can check out your class and join for a few sessions.


    Jane: Hello there, Patricia! Thank you for dropping by. Wow, I get more and more excited when I discover yet another Pinay into yoga. Good luck on your teacher training course.

    Let me know when you’re in town next year. Maybe we can do a class together. Namaste!

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