The Yogini from Manila


  1. thanks for the comment.. I saw a referral and came back to see and I must say it looks great. when you can pls check out mudra moments – I think you’ll like it. Enjoy the work of the week Aum or Om… namaste

    Hi there Hillary! So thankful for your new site. And yes, I’ve blogged about it! Namaste.

  2. thanks for the listing and love to see elsie’s pics there… love your site and what you offer its truly sweet. keep in touch, hillary

    Jane: Hi, Hillary. You may not know it but I have long been visiting your site and of course, Elsie’s. But I never had the nerve to try and contact you first. It thrills me no end to have you come visit my site (and leave words of encouragement too!). All the more, it encourages me to pursue my yoga practice and make something out of this site to share with others in my country who may be curious about yoga but don’t know where to start.

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