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Yoga as Medicine (by Yoga Journal)


I saw this book several months ago, picked it up, wanted to buy it, but was on a tight budget then. So back to the shelf it went.

But it was meant to be mine. My hubby gave me a Powerbooks coupon worth P500 that was about to expire already. I had the coupon with me for quite some time already, not knowing exactly what to get and not wanting to buy a book just for the sake of using the coupon. Till I remembered this one….


Off to Powerbooks Greenbelt I went, crossing my fingers that the book would still be there. It was! And it was the last one….The extra money I had to add to the P500 coupon was within my budget. I am so glad I now have it. Together with a book that Cathy had given me before when I was confined for kidney stones,“Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” I believe this book will go a long way in keeping me informed about my health and how yoga can contribute to it.

The Yoga Journal website has this to say about their book:

Yoga As Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing (Paperback)
by Yoga Journal (Author), Timothy Mccall (Author)

The definitive book of yoga therapy, this groundbreaking work comes to you from the medical editor of Yoga Journal, who is both a practicing yogi and a Western-trained physician.

Beginning with an overview of the history and science of yoga, Dr. McCall describes the many different techniques in the yoga tool kit; explains what yoga does and who can benefit from it (virtually everyone!); and provides lavishly illustrated and minutely detailed instructions on starting a yoga practice geared to your fitness level and your health status. Yoga as Medicine offers a wealth of practical information, including how to:

  • Utilize yogic tools, including postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, for both prevention and healing of illness
  • Master the art of becoming more in tune with your body
  • Communicate more effectively with your doctor
  • Adopt therapeutic yoga practices as either an alternative or a complement to surgery and to expensive, sometimes dangerous medications
  • Practice safely
  • Find an instructor and a style of yoga that are right for you. With twenty chapters devoted to the work of individual master teachers, including such well-known figures as Patricia Walden, John Friend, and Rodney Yee, Yoga as Medicine shows how these experts have applied the wisdom of this ancient holistic practice to twenty different conditions, ranging from arthritis to chronic fatigue, depression, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, infertility, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and obesity. Defining yoga as “a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit,“ Dr. McCall shows the way to a path that can truly alter your life.

    An indispensable guide for the millions who now practice yoga or would like to begin, as well as for yoga teachers, body workers, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

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