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Yoga clothes free the breasts…and that is healthier


I love wearing yoga clothes and when I am not out attending events, I wear them around the house. That, and thick tees. I really wish there were more fashionable yoga-like clothes out there because they are very freeing, in many ways. But the more physical reason for my loving yoga clothes is this…

I don’t have to wear a bra! There, it’s out. It feels good to go braless!

Some time back, I wrote about toe power and how freeing (and healthy!) it was to walk barefoot around the house. I believe the reason why it feels so great is because it is the most natural feeling, walking free of anything constricting. As for going braless, I have to admit….one of the best things about coming home is changing into house clothes and removing that bra, right?  I may not be part of the braless Free the Nipple or Burn the Bra feminist movements but I think they got something right. Going back to the basics of what our human form was made for is likely going to be better for us in the long run.

Studies are showing, more and more, how modern fashion, that tends to constrict our natural body form and shape, is not healthy for us. Tight shoes and very high heels that grip our feet and toes, contorting them in unnatural ways. Girdles. Fashionable clothes that hug too tightly. And bras. We were meant to breathe freely!!!

While this is a personal preference, it looks like scientific studies have began and the findings seem to reinforce this belief.

A sports science researcher, Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor at the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon conducted a 15-year study on 330 women, aged 18-35. The study, conducted at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, recorded changes to the women’s breasts year on year using a slide rule and caliper. The findings were interesting. They suggested that wearing a bra at an early age had no effect on supporting the chest, reducing back pain or preventing breast sagging. In fact, as this article states, “the researchers believe that young women would gain more tone and supporting breast tissue if no bra were used. In the study, women that stopped wearing bras – through choice, not as a requirement of the study – had a 7-millimeter (0.3 inch) lift in their nipples when compared with regular bra users. Bras, they claim, could hamper circulation and reduce breast tone over time.” Oh wow, this is news, ladies, if you have long been thinking about the benefits of going braless!

Professor Rouillon was quoted in an interview with France Info as saying “Medically, physiologically, anatomically — breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”  YIKES!!!

The research team however cautions the public against drawing general conclusions though since the women studies were not representative of the female population as a whole and did not include women over 35 years old or younger than 18. More studies will be needed too to confirm these initial findings.

Back to yoga clothes…

The secret to most yoga clothes is the removable and washable foam pads inserted where the bra cups should be. Whoever invented them is a genius! These pads in yoga clothes give me the freedom to move, gives me visible protection where it is essential, and never grips me unnaturally around the chest area.

Bra foam pads

I’m now on the lookout for more daywear clothes that have padding like the ones you find in yoga clothes so I need not wear bras too often. Imagine how much money I could save on not buying bras. Unfortunately there are not too many such clothes available yet.  So, I searched the net and found this video which gives some tips on how to choose clothes so you can get away without a bra. Leave me a comment if you have more suggestions!


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  1. Uniqlo has a lot of bra dresses.

  2. I’m thinking about using sports bras with spaghetti straps instead of the wide straps. Agree that yoga wear is so much more comfortable!

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